How To Make a Humidifier With A Fan As Simple As ABC!

Who would have thought you can make your own humidifier with a fan? Yup! With today’s dynamic and creative consumers plus the generosity of the internet, everything seems possible.

You can make a humidifier with a fan using basic materials and a simple science experiment. Utilizing only a computer fan, plastic bottle, mist maker, tape, DC female connector, sponges, and water. This can be an excellent weekend science project for your kids too!

Fortunately, DIY options can be just as efficient at a fraction of the price of the exact product. If making a DIY distilled humidifier was sure fun, doing another one with a fan is going to be cooler. But, how do they work? Let’s find out!

Deciding on What Type of Humidifier to Make

humidifier types

Perhaps by now, you are amazed by the benefits of humidifiers reason why you plan to make your own version. Humidifiers come in different types, the technology used, and size.

Most common humidifiers are ultrasonic and evaporative. Each has its pros and cons depending on the brand and added features.

With this, you can actually make a DIY version of these two types by noting their features. Usually, you can purchase a humidifier from any of these types from $10-$100 price range.

There are many DIYs you can follow when you want to make your homemade humidifier. But for this experiment, we will be doing an ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier which is perfect for both cold and warm seasons.

I chose an ultrasonic type over evaporative due to its capability to add more air moisture. The ultrasonic humidifier utilizes a ceramic diaphragm vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency used to produce water droplets.

These droplets silently go out of the humidifier in the form of cool mist. To force the generation of mist, a tiny fan is installed to ensure it keeps on producing.

I also did an evaporative experiment to see what method works best.

Gathering Materials for DIY


materials for DIY humidifier with a fan

What I like best about DIYs is that you can easily find the materials needed for your project at a cheaper cost. The materials for our humidifier with a fan are readily available at most home centers and hardware shops.

You can use mist maker for pond or fountains which cost roughly $10 depending on the brand and quality. This is the same mist maker used in the fogger and essential oil diffusers. The computer fan also cost on the same price range, as well as the DC connector female.

Otherwise, you can also check these parts out from your old computer set, aquarium and electricals to save more. You can get the rest of the materials such as the distilled water, plastic bottle, cables, and tape easily.

When you have all these materials ready, prepare for an awesome experiment!

Things To Note

Before doing this DIY, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If needed, ask for adult supervision in case you are experimenting alone or as a minor. Your safety is my priority here!

How to Make an Ultrasonic Humidifier with a Fan

Homemade humidifier DIY ultrasonic mist maker
I always get curious about how to make certain devices and things, especially where I am most concerned about. Like today, making a humidifier is actually pretty straightforward to do.

Check these steps on how to make a fun and interesting humidifier with a fan. You can do this project with your kids too!

What you will need:

  • 1
    Prepare a plastic bottle that’s a liter in size. Cut a circle anywhere near the top. You can measure the size of the mist maker and computer fan to fit inside.
  • 2
    Cut the end wires of the mist maker and strip it.
  • 3
    Insert the mist maker inside the plastic bottle.
  • 4
    Place and position the computer fan on the same hole and secure it with a tape. Connect the wires into a power supply.
  • 5
    Pour in the distilled water and test your humidifier.

Alternatively, you can watch this video tutorial on how to make a humidifier with a fan:


  • pros
  • cons


  • Water droplets may spread the surrounding area 
  • Need only distilled water to avoid white mist
  • Can only humidify a small room


DIY Sponge and Fan Powered Humidifier

Homemade Sponge Humidifier

Another surprising and affordable DIY humidifier is using a sponge and a fan. The air is blown by the fan towards the water-infused sponge and increases air moisture.

If you don’t find DIY ultrasonic humidifier amusing then you can try this evaporative method.

What you will need:

  • 1
    Place the small electric fan on a table
  • 2
    Put the large tray in front and add the sponges.
  • 3
    Fill the tray with water (you can use tap water)

For the best result, I suggest that you check the humidity level first by using a hygrometer. You can do this before and after the experiment.

Watch this video on how to make this kind of humidifier:

  • pros
  • cons


  • Affordable and readily available materials
  • Efficient


Ok, so I think by now you got a clear idea on how to make a humidifier with a fan. Although these might not be as sophisticated like those humidifiers in the market, at least, they do the job pretty well.

Looking back on these two examples we had, the second one is more practical since you only need sponges. The only concern I have will be mold growth, but then, you can avoid it by changing the water as often.

In terms of functionality, the first example is good since it used ultrasonic technology on a budget. But of course, whichever is convenient for you works fine!

Perhaps the only downside I see with these DIYs is the space it can cover. But then, you can also go for bigger box-type if you wish to use it in larger rooms.

It’s up to you on which method suits your needs and which materials are readily available. Enjoy making your own humidifier with a fan.