Do Humidifiers Clean the Air? How To Have Clean Air Without Any Hassle!

Humidifier for clean air

Humidifiers help improve air moisture quality by increasing humidity. Apart from giving moisture, some humidifiers filter out microbes that may contaminate the air we breathe.

Humidifiers do not clean the air. However, it improves indoor air quality and reduces certain health concerns from dry air including chapped lips, dry skin, allergy, and asthma manifestations.

Most humidifiers have filters included so that allergen, dust, and dirt are blocked from getting into the air. But there is more about humidifiers that you should know.

In my career as a meteorologist, I always emphasize the value of having balanced air moisture, especially at home.

If you see, we are always exposed to dust, dirt, and other pollutants that may cause health problems.

Whether we are at work, outdoors, and everywhere, air quality is highly critical; we cannot risk more at home.

What Can Humidifiers Do?

What can humidifiers do

I always stress that pleasant feeling coming home to a nice, fresh-smelling, and clean air. Clean air is achieved by having a clean house, well-ventilated rooms, and of course, no foul-odors.

The ideal home humidity range is between 30 to 50%, below that you might experience irritations and nasal congestion due to dry air.

A humidifier increases moisture in the air, at a lower thermostat setting, saving you big-time on energy consumption.

You can choose to install a central home humidifier or use a portable one. Whichever suits your needs, a humidifier can offer you the following:

  • So​fte​r skin
  • Lessens static electricity
  • Healthier indoor plants
  • Decreases the risk of infections
  • Better quality breathing
  • Reduced heating bill
  • Improves sleep
  • Prolongs wood furnishing

What is Indoor Air Quality?

air quality meter

Adding or decreasing air moisture at home is not enough. You need to secure that the air you breathe at home is also clean.

Indoor air quality is known to affect the occupant’s overall health condition, comfort, and well-being. Having bad or poor indoor air quality will result in getting a lot of health complications.

Using an indoor air quality meter is a wise investment. An air quality detector will help you assess your overall home air quality.

This measuring equipment has an auto-calibration function that monitors relative humidity, temperature, and gases present inside the house.

To achieve good indoor air quality, we use a humidifier, vaporizer, ionizer, and air purifier. However, the choice is trimmed down into two: air humidifier and purifier.

Some of my friends actually use both a humidifier and a purifier to ensure that they inhale clean air, and well-moisturized home.

Humidifier vs Air Purifier for Improving Indoor Air Quality

air humidifier vs air purifier for indoor air quality

A humidifier is a totally different device than an air purifier. One of the distinct purposes of a humidifier is adding enough air moisture inside the house.

An air purifier, on the other hand, filters pollutants and make sure we breathe in clean air.

Proper indoor air filtration should be done most especially to those living in the cities where dirty air seeps through your doors and windows at any time.

Dryness and Humidity

dryness and humidity can cause allergy

You can achieve balanced air moisture and good indoor air quality by keeping your humidifier clean and well-maintained at all times.

Air quality is not good when there is low humidity. Chances are, you will easily get a cough, cold, allergy, or flu due to dry air.

However, when there is a humidifier around, humidity is balanced and your skin is hydrated as well as the air you breathe is softer.

Ultrasonic and Evaporative Humidifiers

polardo ultrasonic humidifier

Perhaps you are already aware of what a humidifier is and how it works. There are different types of humidifiers you can choose from like the ultrasonic and evaporative.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound vibrations to generate super-fine mist expelled into the air. It is quieter than the evaporative type and generally uses no filter or reusable filter for efficiency.

Evaporative types have been the mother of all humidifiers that were around for decades. It uses the basic principle of boiling water to produce mist and add air moisture.

However, most evaporative humidifiers today uses filters that may be costly to maintain. And, if you have pets and toddlers at home, the evaporative humidifier may not be suitable for you. It might spill over and cause accidents.


Overall, both types are useful in terms of improving air quality at home. The built-in and removable filters these types of humidifiers use are the important components.

Many brands offer filter-free humidifiers to balance the cost and quality. These filters screen all harmful particles and elements that may blend into the air. Thus, air humidifiers have a significant contribution to improving the air we breathe at home.

But, you have to make sure that your humidifier is properly cleaned and maintained to avoid getting further health issues. I suggest you use humidifiers that are filter-free or reusable filters and easy to maintain.

Dirty humidifiers can potentially release harmful minerals and bacteria into the air that may cause respiratory infections.

Air Purifiers

indoor air quality data


There is an estimate of about 50 million Americans suffering from allergies each year. Most of the allergy cases are due to air pollutants, mold spores, and dust.

An average American of about 90% spends more time indoors according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. During these times, we are exposed to various kinds of air pollutants.

Most pollutants may not have noticeable symptoms, which is why I recommend using an indoor air quality meter to test and identify possible indoor pollutants.

Air purifiers are machines that absorb indoor air that flows through fine sieves and traps in tiny particles including dust, dirt, pollens, pet danders, and more.

Indoor air purifiers work best for homes, apartments, and even offices. It then releases a clean air free from these harmful elements.


air purifiers

Thus, air purifiers clean indoor air from all invisible impurities while a humidifier balances the indoor humidity level.

A lot of people are asking me which is a better investment at home. I would say, both are extremely useful but it depends on what you need at home.

If you wish to, you can use both devices side by side to ensure that the air you breathe at home is clean while keeping the humidity balanced. Be sure to check the air quality and humidity you have at home prior to your purchase.

Luckily, I found few humidifiers that provide a combination of both devices so you don’t have to argue which is which.

Humidifiers with Air Cleaner

humidifiers with air cleaner

I believe that a healthy home begins with having clean air. Choosing the right kind of humidifier based on your needs will give you a better start in maintaining a healthy, well-balanced, and clean air at home.

Don’t worry, you no longer need to consume much time doing the research, I did that part for you. Check out the brand which you think suits your needs. Here are my top humidifiers with air cleaners:

Beurer Air Cleaner and Air Humidifier,LW110

beurer air humidifier and cleaner

Specific Features

Indoor air that is too dry can have diverse negative effects. This is we use humidifiers to add moisture into the air.

Beurer is a European brand known for its quality. It has developed a device consolidating air humidifier and purifier. You don’t have to spend more on getting these devices separately.

The LW110 2-in-1 Air Washer & Humidifier is a perfect choice for large rooms or houses of up to 390 sq. ft. This air humidifier and cleaner are great for those who suffer from allergies especially during the winter months when air is too dry and can irritate sensitive nasal passages.

It is also ideal for those who have pets and pet dander in their homes. The LW110 is made of literally 4 pieces: an upper cover, fan unit, humidification discs, and the tub.

Cleaning is easy since it can perfectly fit inside the dishwasher and removing parts out is simple. The LCD display showcases the fan level and water level.

What I had noticed with this combo unit are the lock settings. A lot of other users also reported they had a hard time getting the lid closed.

It also cost more expensive than a regular humidifier and a purifier. Apart from these notices, this brand works pretty nice.

KLARSTEIN Monaco Ultrasonic Humidifier

KLARSTEIN Monaco, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Ionizer, Air Purifier

Specific Features

Using ultrasonic waves, The KLARSTEIN Monaco increases air moisture by releasing a fine mist.
Plus, it added an intelligent technology that helps eliminate bad odor, dust, pollen, and other pollutants in the air, making it ideal for people with allergies.

It has a reusable antibacterial filter that allows clean and healthy air only through the device. You can set a timer for the humidifier/purifier/ionizer to run for a few hours without having to worry about its water level.

This incredible device works best on bedrooms and offices due to its super-quiet technology. One thing I noted about this device is the water refilling. A few notable water-spills at the bottom and you need to tilt it a bit to fill it with water.

Nonetheless, this device does not just offer a sleek design but also a powerful combination of air humidifier and purifier.

Dreval D-950 Humidifier

Dreval D-950 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Humidifier

Specific Features

If there is a complete device that works efficiently in cleaning the air and humidifying at the same time, Dreval D-950 is a perfect choice.

What I personally like about this humidifier/purifier is its multiple filtration system that can block up to 99% of air pollutants. It has cold catalyst filter that kills harmful gases and toxins.

Dreval D950 also uses a cellular activated carbon filter which eliminates all dangerous microorganisms, bacteria, and mold from the air. The True HEPA filter removes almost 99.97% of particles which is 0.3 um in size or larger.

The 245nm wavelength UV lamp destroys germs, reduces dry and other nasty odors. These filters help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria through the air that may cause harmful diseases.

You can sense the air quality at home through the light indicators. Red for poor air quality, orange for normal, and green for excellent.

The only downside I see is its cost. It’s way beyond the normal humidifier and air purifier price ranges. However, if you think about and consider the outcome, it may be worth the price.


Indoor air quality has a significant contribution in terms of overall health assessment. We already have too much air pollutants outside and we cannot endure having more of it at home.

Since humidifiers only add moisture into the air to prevent dryness that may cause skin and nasal problems, using a combination of a purifier and humidifier is exceptional.

Good thing, innovations happen sooner. There are devices that work both a humidifier and air cleaner at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about using separate devices for different functions. Is it safe to use both devices?

Yes. In fact, it is a common practice in the US to use an air purifier side by side with a humidifier. The air purifier will filter out all possible harmful microbes while the humidifier will ensure that your room gets enough moisture to avoid dryness and irritations.

These helpful devices mitigate the risks of getting serious illnesses due to bad air quality. I would like to stress out that these devices also need your proper care and maintenance so they can continue serving their purposes.