Do You Really Need a Dehumidifier in Winter?


Dehumidifiers work most efficiently during warm temperatures and should not be operated below 60° F. When used during the cold season, moisture is extracted from the indoor air which can freeze the cooling coils, and later on will damage the unit.Operating a dehumidifier in winter is not necessary as it may risk the humidity levels … Read more

Are Dehumidifiers Safe for Pets? One Mandatory Feature A Dehumidifier Must Absolutely Have For Maximum Pet Safety!

how dehumidifiers benefit our pets

Our pets play an indispensable role in our lives. More often, they’ve become a part of our families, rather than just being household companions.  They provide emotional support, lessen stress levels, and increase positive outlook in life. However, living with pets have some effects on our health too, especially those people suffering from allergies. Like us, … Read more

Dehumidifier vs Tumble Dryer : Save Yourself From Endless Nightmare Of Laundry!

Dehumidifier vs Tumble dryer

Have you ever wondered what makes a dehumidifier and a tumble dryer similar? A lot of comparison between dehumidifier vs tumble dryer is out, but which one is actually better and why?  When it comes to function and feature, a dehumidifier is better than a tumble dryer because it does not just help in drying clothes … Read more

Is Dehumidifier Water Clean? (It’s Not A Simple Answer…)

Yes. The water from the dehumidifier is actually clean water even comparable to distilled water, provided that your unit is clean and the tank was emptied beforehand. When we say clean, we are talking about both the internal and external parts of the device.  Otherwise, the water collected by the dehumidifier that sits in the tank … Read more

Can A Dehumidifier Dehydrate You? Fact Or Fiction?

can dehumidifier dehydrate you

Dehydration removes water and other fluids in the body and stretches our organs to work more causing us to feel weak both physically and mentally. It can be due to not drinking enough fluid and staying too long under severe heat.  Being aware of the temperature including heat index and humidity levels will help you avoid … Read more