Do Humidifiers Clean the Air? How To Have Clean Air Without Any Hassle!

do humidifiers clean the air

 Humidifiers help improve air moisture quality by increasing humidity. Apart from giving moisture, some humidifiers filter out microbes that may contaminate the air we breathe.  Humidifiers do not clean the air. However, it improves indoor air quality and reduces certain health concerns from dry air including chapped lips, dry skin, allergy, and asthma manifestations.  Most humidifiers have … Read more

Should A Humidifier Run All Night?

should a humidifier run all night - humidifier running in a bedroom

Are you familiar with that unpleasant feeling of dryness during the night or in the morning? Every winter, with the beginning of the heating season, my nose was so dry that breading was very uncomfortable and almost impossible. Not to mention the drying up of the skin and bleeding cracked lips. I just hated that feeling… But, it all … Read more

How Long Do Humidifiers Last? 3 Legit Hacks To Prolong Your Humidifier Life Without Spoiling Again!

humidifier lifespan

It is tempting to leave the humidifier on all-day especially that winter is not yet over. If you live in a place where the cold season lingers, it might be horrifying when your humidifier suddenly stopped working.  Dry air causes a lot of problems including flaky skin and chapped lips.   High humidity also affects your respiratory … Read more