Best Way To Install Whole House Dehumidifier (HVAC Technicians Use These Methods!)

Best Way to Install a Whole house Dehumidifier

Tired of that nasty sticky feeling every time you enter the house? Guess, it’s time to get that whole-house dehumidifier rolling.Maintaining a comfortable home throughout the year should not be complicated. Installing a whole-house dehumidifier can protect your home from the effects of high humidity such as mold build-ups, allergies, and more.The best way to … Read more

How To Recharge A Dehumidifier Quickly And Safely

How to Recharge a Dehumidifier

Not all dehumidifiers need recharging; only those devices that are used as coolants or refrigerants. These types of dehumidifiers produce cold, dry air, apart from dehumidifying.Usually, older dehumidifiers use refrigerants and back in the day, you can buy a recharging kit and perform the refill. Today, you need to consult a well-qualified HVAC company if … Read more

Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Working? How To Fix Your Dehumidifier Easily!

why my dehumidifier is not working

Dehumidifiers keep the house free from molds, mushy odors, and excess humidity and make us feel more comfortable.  In fact, dehumidifiers are among the few home appliances that do not require much maintenance. However, proper care and cleaning must be done in order to prolong its life.  If you are experiencing issues with your dehumidifiers, it could … Read more

How To Use a Dehumidifier To Dry a Room (In Different Types Of Rooms!)

where to place the dehumidifier when drying

Drying a room takes a day or two to completely allow dampness, liquid, and moisture to evaporate. And, of course, to kill bacteria and molds too.  However, using a dehumidifier to dry a room delivers faster results because of its significant contribution and advantages. It works by absorbing all excess air moisture until the humidity level … Read more