Best Humidifier Without White Dust! No White Dust At Your Disposal!

White dust is a byproduct of minerals in water that goes into the humidifier during the humidification process. It may not be dangerous to health but white dust may accumulate and settle on surrounding areas and furniture within the humidifier’s circumference.

Later on, if left uncleaned, the white dust will accumulate, breed bacteria, and damage your furniture. Some people suffering from asthma and allergies tend to avoid using humidifiers that release white dust.

The mass of white dust you may encounter depends on the volume of minerals present in the water or what they call “water hardness”.

Evaporative cool mist and warm mist (steam) humidifiers do not cause white dust due to the evaporation process. Only ultrasonic humidifiers and cool mist impellers do cause white dust.

But, most ultrasonic and cool-mist humidifiers available today includes demineralization feature to reduce white dust emission.

How do I Get Rid of White Dust?

what to do with white dust

I know most mommies are keen on keeping everything clean at home especially when you got kids playing around almost on every house corner.

Nasty white dust can cause stress and frustration especially when you got kids with allergies and asthma. Plus, toddlers roaming around on every nook.

You need to keep your room clean as well as your humidifier almost on a daily basis as well as its surrounding areas. You are doing great, mommies, don’t pressure yourself too much, I got you some helpful tips for white dust.

To help you avoid white dust you can use or do the following:

  • First is to consider using distilled water. Using distilled instead of tap water to fill your humidifier will greatly reduce dust release significantly.
  • If you are using an ultrasonic humidifier you can also purchase a demineralization cartridge.
  • Lastly, you can buy an evaporative warm or cool-mist humidifier which do not emit white dust due to its evaporation process. Note: Make sure to keep it away from your kids and pets!

For best results, you can opt to use distilled water in your humidifier; or you can use water softener tablets for humidifier if you have very hard water at home. However, cleaning white dust is easy just as you would on regular dust.

3 Best Humidifiers That Do Not Emit White Dust

best humidifier without white dust

If you are still wondering and shopping around for humidifiers, let me narrow down your list with all the outstanding features and cons of each brand.

To help you decide on what kind of humidifier without white dust, here’s my thorough research and honest opinion. Check out these 3 best humidifier brands I listed below.

Vornado EV100 Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado EV100 Evaporative Whole Room Humidifier

Specific Features (Click Here To Know More)

The Vornado EV100 Evaporative Humidifier prides of its sleek, minimalistic design with push-button controls and multiple humidity settings. It allows you to personalize your humidity experience at home.

This specific model is highly suitable for big homes or large spaces since it can cover up to 300sq.ft.

Vornado’s homegrown vortex action utilizes evaporative humidification through a wick to provide natural humidification. Smooth humidification without the mess!

Unlike other misting humidifiers, Vornado evaporative performs like a natural breeze even though you can’t see it working, you can definitely feel the difference.

But like most of the wick or filter-operated humidifiers, filter maintenance, and replacement is the only issue I can see. Other than that, this device works efficiently.

You can even use any type of water because it still goes through filtration. This is where all mineral sediments are trapped and blocked from contaminating the air we breathe.

If you are also looking for an evaporative humidifier with low noise, this brand surely tops the line. It’s close to a fan-like sound which is not bothering at all.

Honeywell HEV320WD1 Humidifier

Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier White Ultra Quiet

Specific Features (Click Here To Know More)

The Honeywell HEV320WD1 is ideal for small rooms, baby rooms, and offices. It uses evaporative humidification technology that is 30% quieter than any other evaporative brands in the market. Perhaps, it is one of the quietest evaporative humidifiers I know so far!

In fact, you can barely hear a sound while on its lowest setting. You can hear a little white noise when it’s on high but not bothering. It’s close to a fan-like sound which can still give you peace throughout the night.

It also has an invisible cool mist output which greatly reduces white dust which triggers allergies and asthmas. This technology mimics the natural process of humidification.

The water tank is about a gallon in capacity with break-resistant design and ideal for easy cleaning.

Any type of water is suitable for this humidifier because its wicking filter feature blocks all minerals from the water and prevent white dust surrounding its areas. So you don’t have to worry about having hard water at home.

What I find awkward in this model is the lesser tank capacity which lets you refill frequently especially when you are using it every day. Also, its tank design is quite difficult for cleaning.

Overall, it does the job pretty well especially when we are taking white dust into great considerations. Price wise, this is an excellent quality humidifier.

TaoTronics Evaporative Humidifier

TaoTronics Top-Fill Humidifiers, Evaporative Humidifier with Wick Filter

Specific Features (Click Here To Know More)

If there is one humidifier brand dedicated to protecting you and your furniture, that is the TaoTronics Evaporative Humidifier TT-AH017. It is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms with wooden pieces of furniture or musical instruments.

This specific model works with invisible moisture output thus, reducing white dust release too. In terms of cleaning, it’s also pretty easy since it is top-filled and straight design. Wick filter replacement is also pretty convenient.

The only cons I saw in this brand is the water refilling process. If you are using a humidifier every night, you might need to refill it every now and then. Generally speaking, this brand is a high-quality medium range humidifier.

Considering Evaporative Humidifier Downsides

evaporative downsides

Like most devices, evaporative humidifiers also have known issues. Well, nothing sort of glitch whatsoever but, in terms of noise and filter change. Most available humidifiers in the market have noisy operations. Except when you purchase mid-high range types, that’s where you can find quieter humidifiers.

Next concern I notice with evaporative types is the wick or filter replacement. As we know, the filter is the one highly responsible for keeping the minerals out of way.

In return, we need to ensure that these filters are cleaned or replaced on recommended timeframes. Usually, filter change depends on how often you use the humidifier.

You can replace it every 2 months when using on a daily basis. However, what I recommend is for you to use a reusable filter so you can practically save money!

Yup! There are reusable filters or wicks you can purchase, you only need to check the make and model so you can look for universal filters.

What to Do with Hard Water

what to do with hard water

If you are living in areas with hard water and you use humidifiers to balance air moisture at home, I bet you are well-familiar with white dust.

Like what I explained earlier in this post, white dust is a by-product of the minerals present in the water. In short, the white dust highly relies on the hardness of your water at home.

Especially if you are like me who resides in an area with very hard water, maintaining a humidifier can become too expensive. You need to have a budget for maintenance, water softening, and worst case scenario, new furniture.

It seems pretty tiring to keep your furniture clean and free from white dust, especially during the winter season. And I know using distilled water on a daily and even weekly basis will be too expensive to sustain. So our option is limited to using tap water.

Good thing, you can reduce white dust by means of softening your water.

Warm Mist Humidifier Knocks Off White Dust Too

Warm mist humidifiers operate by boiling the water inside the reservoir and then release steam into the air. Considering its process, you can eliminate the white dust from damaging your furniture at home.

However, not all people are comfortable in using warm-mist humidifiers, especially if you live in warm, hot areas.

I Have an Ultrasonic Humidifier, How Can I Avoid white Dust?

Ok, given that you already purchased a humidifier, perhaps, an ultrasonic type; what can you do to eliminate white dust? Well, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of ways you can do to get rid of white dust.

Demineralization Cartridge

demineralization cartridge

When hard water is broken down, the minerals in the water are released into the air, thus creating a “scale.” Now, this scale is made up of hardened minerals, which is what we call white dust.

Later on, these white dust will soften the surfaces of any furniture it lands on. Luckily, you can drop demineralization cartridges inside an ultrasonic humidifier to soften the water and reduce the release of white dust.

These cartridges work like a filter, similar to that of the evaporative type. They trap the minerals in the water and prevent them from getting into the air. Demineralization cartridges cost around $9-$20 depending on the brand.

Water Softener Tablets

understanding water softener

Another option we have is to use some water treatment tablets. You can drop these tablets inside your ultrasonic humidifier water tank.

They do soften the water by releasing active ingredients and trapping common minerals that are causing white dust. It’s also cost-efficient since a pack of these tablets can only cost around $10.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

reverse osmosis filtration system

Lastly, if your main concern here is your entire home water supply, such as having hard water and suffering its effects; you can install a reverse-osmosis system to totally soften your water source. By doing this, you will enjoy having soft water at home without the messy white dust and limescale.

Although it may be costly initially, you can reap the benefits later on, especially on your humidifiers. You can contact or reach out to your local water supplier and check your options of installing a reverse osmosis water system.


So there you have it. Evaporative humidifier and warm mist do not release white dust. Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers which emits a lot of white scales, evaporative types have filters or wicks included.

These filters confine hard minerals that can potentially harm the air and produce white dust.

Generally, white dust is not harmful to health, except for those people suffering from allergies and asthma. And, not to mention having cute toddlers exploring the indoors!

The only big concern with white dust is with the furniture you are placing the humidifier on. There is a great chance of destroying or damaging the wood later on.

Proper cleaning and device maintenance are highly advised especially when you are dealing with humidifiers. They can either keep you healthy or breed bacteria growth.

In this post, you have learned the 3 best options for humidifiers without white dust including its pros and cons. However, if you already own an ultrasonic type, don’t worry, I got you covered too.

You can try the tips I recommended on how to soften your water at home to get rid of white dust. I hope this article has helped you a lot!