6 Best Humidifiers With Humidity Control (Customised To Deal With All Humidity Levels)

Adding humidity indoors by placing a humidifier is pretty easy but producing the most comfortable humidity level is quite challenging when your device does not support customization.

Having a unit that allows you to adjust the humidity to an absolute level is highly preferred especially in these times when the air is too dry.

But don’t fret, I got your back in case you are looking for a humidifier with humidity control. Here are my top six units:

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

TaoTronics Humidifiers, 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • 8.07 x 5.31 x 11.81 inches
  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist
  • 0.88 gallon Water Tank Capacity
  • 0.83 gallon mist output
  • 30 hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • LED Display
  • Humidity Customization Control (40-60%)
  • Nightlight and Sleep Mode
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Microporous cartridge filters
  • 360° Nozzle
  • Built-in Handles

Dry winter air can cause various health issues when not attended to right away. It can even cause havoc to furniture, ceilings, and floors when not taken care of. That’s why turning on your humidifier greatly helps add enough moisture.

But, little did we know that incorrect humidity levels can also cause discomfort, shrinkage of home accessories, breaking, warping, and aging of things at home. TaoTronics surely knows how to get the right indoor humidity but not limiting it at certain levels only.

The TaoTronics TT-AH001 has an automatic humidity customization control depending on the relative humidity requirements your space needs. It has a built-in humidistat to monitor the relative humidity indoors and make necessary adjustments so you don’t have to do anything!

You will certainly enjoy 30-hours of comfortable ambiance with its 3-mist output, which you can choose the level yourself, a programmable timer, and Sleep and Night mode so you can surely rest well without the distracting noises because it’s ultrasonic.

What’s best about this model is the Microporous cartridge that filters microorganisms in the water that can possibly cause bad odor in the air.

However, this model does not support the use of essential oils to further stimulate your senses and get rid of nasal congestion but, cleaning this unit is highly convenient with the inclusion of a cleaning brush and a built-in carrying handle.

Although refilling is quite a challenge, it does have an anti-leakage feature to protect your floors and carpets.

Overall, I find TaoTronics a good humidifier when it comes to humidity control. I have two vital criteria for choosing this unit. First, it has a humidistat that tracks the relative humidity indoors and not just the general humidity level. The second would be the convenience of using this humidifier.

It’s pretty straightforward and does have complicated buttons that may cause confusion.

Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers, SH8820 Top Fill 5.5L Humidifier


  • 10.4 x 7.2 x 12 inches
  • Warm and Cool-mist Ultrasonic
  • 1.20 gallon water tank capacity
  • 3.08 gallon moisture output per day
  • 40-hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • Preset Humidity (30-80%)
  • 12-hour timer
  • Display Screen on and off
  • Child Lock Protection
  • With Remote Control Operation
  • Essential Oil Tray
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Dual 360° rotating spray nozzles
  • Top-fill design
  • 3-Mist Levels

Being able to keep a comfortable indoor environment is achievable when you get to control the humidity. One of the best things to do is to turn on your humidifier, and of course, not just any ordinary humidifiers but Elechomes SH8820 Humidifier.

This unit supports both the Warm and Cool-mist for better comfort and is known for precise humidity control. It spreads 600ml/h of cool mist and 300ml/h of warm mist from the two 360° rotating spray nozzles and can run up to 40 hours under the lowest setting.

Each cool or warm mist setting has 3-mist adjustable levels which you can customize depending on the mist output you need. The preset humidity option is highly convenient since you can make certain adjustments when the unit gives off too much or too little moisture.

What I love about Elechomes SH8820 is the remote control feature; imagine being able to navigate and manage indoor humidity from a distance! Apart from that, it has child-lock protection to make sure that your kids and pets won’t find their way through the unit.

This humidifier has a top-fill design with built-in handles for easy to clean and smooth transport. However, cleaning is challenging with this unit. It has small parts inside the tank which makes it difficult to wash. It needs a tiny brush to do so which is by the way not included in the package.

It could have been better if they had included the brush as an accessory since not all of us have one available at home. Another thing I noticed with this unit is that it shuts off when the desired humidity level is achieved, to which I was expecting it to only maintain the operation at the desired rate.

A bonus feature is the aromatherapy compartment which makes the air even more comfortable with your favorite scent. I am also in awe of its design, simple yet elegant, and can suit any interior.

LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom (6L), Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic


  • 11.3 x 7 x 10.5 inches
  • Hybrid Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • 1.32 gallon water tank capacity
  • 17 ounces /hr mist output (warm) 8.5 ounces/hr on cold
  • 60 hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • Customized Humidity and Auto Mode
  • Essential Oil Cartridge
  • Large top-fill water tank
  • With Remote Control
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Ideal for Large Spaces

Comfortable and healthy; these are the two vital qualities everyone is looking for, especially this season. LEVOIT Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier ensures that you get to enjoy both not just for the cold period but all-year-round.

They have perfected humidity control through customization and automation by adding built-in sensors to track the exact indoor relative humidity level. Being able to set the humidity level at any time based on accurate RH reading is a great help in maintaining comfort and health, whether you do it manually or by using the humidity sensors.

You see, it isn’t just enough to add moisture into the air to make your room comfortable, you need to make it balanced to guarantee that you feel fresh, stay healthy, and protect the overall home value.

Along with the adjustable humidity control, it also offers a remote control programming option so you can manage it from a distance. It does operate at an extra-quiet volume so you can fully rest and relax.

Rejuvenating is highly possible by simply adding aromatherapy oil to the aroma pads that came inside the box and destress any time of the day. Apart from that. there’s an option to turn off the LED display at night when you feel like sleeping in a dark room.

When it comes to cleaning, this unit saves you big time because it does not need any kind of filter. But, you have to consider using a demineralization cartridge in case you got a hard water supply.

The parts are easily removed, especially the tank, and can be washed with soap and water. You can use vinegar or bleach for deep cleaning.

HAUEA Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • 15 x 9.5 x 9 inches
  • 1.2 gallon water tank capacity
  • Cool Mist
  • 4-8ounces /h mist output
  • 40 hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • Customizable Humidity Level (40-80%)
  • 360 degrees nozzle
  • Auto Shut-off
  • 7-mood Color Light
  • Essential Oil Tray
  • Humidity Sensors
  • LED Touchscreen Display
  • Remote Control
  • Sleep Mode
  • 4-layer Filter Tray

Simplicity in humidity control; that’s what HAUEA 5.5L Cool Mist humidifier is all about. This unit is equipped with a humidity sensor that’s designed to track down the exact humidity readings of the current environment it’s put in. And when it starts to humidify, you can let the device do the tracking automatically or manually input your desired level.

Customization can be done via the remote control which can work within 6 meters or use the LED touch display. And since it is top-filled, there is little to no leakage to assure you that your counter, tables, or floors are also protected.

Speaking of water, this unit has perfected the way it processes the water for humidification. It does not have any water quality requirements. Thanks to the 4-layer filter elements - a layer of cotton filter, 2 silver ions filter layers, and 1 layer of medical stone.

There’s no need for you to purchase extra demineralization cartridges if you got a hard water supply. These filters will be able to trap the minerals that cause build-up and white dust.

HAUEA also made sure you get to enjoy night time with its 7-mood color light on a 28dB noise level. To make things even better, you can drop a few aromatherapy oils to keep you calm and comfortable.

Because the water tank is transparent, you can visibly see whenever it’s time to refill or clean the unit. For maintenance, you can practically wash the cotton filter on a regular basis. This filter layer needs to be cleaned more often and replaced periodically.

There’s a cleaning accessory included in case it’s your first time buying a humidifier. I am impressed with this unit in general except for a few minor flaws, which are isolated instances such as the misting too low than the others although it also has 3-mist level settings.

Another thing is that this model is only good for small spaces of up to 400sqft. I hope they would make one for larger rooms too!

HUMIDIMASTER Ultrasonic Humidifier

HUMIDIMASTER 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • 15.28 x 8.82 x 8.58 inches
  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist
  • 1.31 Gallon Water Tank Capacity
  • 48 hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • 360-degree nozzles
  • Adjustable Humidity (40-60%)
  • Anti Leak Protection
  • Top-fill design
  • Auto Shut off
  • Sleep Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Super Quiet
  • 3-mist output (low, medium, and high)

Humidimaster is built for large rooms of up to 750sqft with full humidity controls- automatically or your preferred level with a range of 40-60%. What makes it a standout unit is the remote control access so you can manage it anywhere in the room.

You will certainly feel cozy and comfortable the entire season with its 360-degree nozzle, with 3-mist level output, super-quiet operation (thanks to its Ultrasonic technology), and anti-leak protection. Now, keeping the most comfortable humidity is possible with the included remote control!

It has a 6L water tank that can run for up to 2days on a low-mist setting and on a single refill. Plus, the Medical filter will trap all the impurities found in the water that may cause flu and other harmful diseases from a dirty atmosphere.

I love the simple yet elegant black color and top-fill design, it makes refilling a breeze and matches modern living spaces. Cleaning this model is convenient too, without many tiny parts sitting inside the tank, thus making it more efficient to clean, refill, and plug-in.

Overall, I like how Humidimaster designed this unit to be efficient and convenient, The only drawback I think, well, not actually, is the way you place the medical stone filter which is not clearly explained in the manual, but judging on the way it looks, it should be placed facing up, otherwise, you will get a low-water warning even if you got it at full tank.

Homasy Top Fill Humidifier

Homasy Top Fill Humidifier


  • 9.84 x 9.84 x 12.99 inches
  • Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • 1 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • 6 ounces/h mist output
  • 35 hours on low-mist settings

Specific Features:

  • Customizable Humidity (50-80%)
  • Top-Fill design
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Automatic Shut off
  • 4 LED Display Screen
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • 12-hour Smart timer
  • Advanced Purification System
  • 2-Mist Level

Homasy Top-fill Humidifier boasts of its smart humidity sensor that keeps your indoor humidity levels at a comfortable range between 50-80% or you can simply adjust and set your own humidity level requirement.

Having a humidifier that’s efficient and packed with fabulous features is a wise investment especially during these times when health and safety are concerned. What I like about Homasy is the upfront, top-fill, and one-piece design.

It certainly looks incredible to any type of interior design with its non-spill and transparent layout. And of course, I love the advanced purification system which eliminates the white dust and mineral build-up.

This unit has an LED screen display with easy to use touch controls and can work for 35 hours on its lowest mist settings, ideal for bedrooms, offices, and small spaces of up to 400 sqft.

Its water tank is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant so you can enjoy the sweet and relaxing ambiance of essential oils. And since it has a top-fill design, refilling water is not an issue at all. The same thing goes for its maintenance, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the device frequently.

Once your desired humidity level is reached, the unit stops the misting but the fans are still working normally. It does not automatically shut off completely, you’ll see the humidity percentage popping on the LED screen. Overall, I find this model excellent in terms of managing humidity at home.

It would be great if they had added a discreet handle to carry it around!

So Which Is The Best?

When it comes to humidity control, my bet is the Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier. Although these six models are all special, this SH8820 stood out because of its accuracy in humidity readings.

Its sensors are precise and sharp and work well. Teaming up with a hygrometer around, this unit registered the same humidity rate and acted automatically to give off the beautiful and fine mist.

Manual and remote humidity management is flawless too, it works in the range of 40-60% and has an option to switch between the cold and warm mist. Design-wise, this model is pretty upfront but goes along anywhere in the house.

Its got modern and excellent features too, such as the essential oil tray to further help you breathe and relax all day and night!

Not all humidifiers are able to give you full humidity control. Most of the units we see have preset levels without any customization options. Fortunately, I found these six humidifiers which can give you the freedom to customize your own humidity level in times you need it the most.

I hope I was able to widen your options and help you decide which one will suit your necessities.