5 Best Humidifiers for Utah That Can Actually Protect You From Its Infamously Dry Air!

As the snow envelopes most of Utah's picturesque landscapes, you should highly consider the chilly temperatures at night when the air is too dry.

Adding enough moisture indoors is vital in order to sleep comfortably and even just to get by another day until winter is over.

Apart from comfort, you should also consider rehydrating your skin and protect your health from congestions and allergies brought by the cold and dry air.

What better way to resolve low-humidity concerns than to install a humidifier? A humidifier that keeps you warm and runs quietly through the night is ideal. Perhaps having a customized humidity setting is a plus, and an auto shut-off feature is a bonus!

Utah’s Air is the Same as the Sahara Desert

Current Results Weather and Science Facts showed that Utah is among the driest states in the US with humidity levels that can plummet to 10 percent in the winter, which is the same humidity percentage in the Sahara Desert.


Top 10 US States with Driest Air

(Based on state-wide average precipitation)










New Mexico




North Dakota




South Dakota

Below is a chart that shows Utah’s humidity percentage and temperature year-round.


As the temperature drops in December, the air becomes drier by the day, and indoor humidity levels also decrease.

And as we all know, the flu virus persists best in dry, low-humidity conditions. Dry skin is pretty much harmless but the itchiness and redness associated with it is the most annoying part. You can use topical lotions and ointments but as long as there is low-humidity, it will flare-up every now and then.

A humidifier offers great help in keeping your home comfortable, your skin smooth and soft, and most of all, make the winter more bearable.

5 Best Humidifiers for Utah

As I’ve always advised my avid readers, there are plenty of humidifiers out there and there are varying humidity needs. The best thing you can do is to check your hygrostat for accurate indoor humidity levels before you can check out what kind of humidifier to use.

Good thing, I made the research half-way through already. All you have to do is to find out which among these models suit your requirements.

Here are my top 5 best humidifiers for Utah that you can choose from:

Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier


  • 10.4 x 7.2 x 12 inches
  • Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier
  • 5.5L water tank capacity
  • 600ml/h warm mist and 300mL/H Cool MIst moisture output
  • 40-hours run time on the lowest setting

Specific Features:

  • 3-level Mist
  • Dual 360-degree nozzle
  • Top-fill design
  • Remote Control option
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Whisper-quiet operation (20dB)

Staying healthy and comfortable in the winter is quite challenging. In fact, it’s been proven to be more costly than the rest of the seasons. How much more if you reside somewhere in Utah where the nights are sharp and the days are frosty?

Elechomes SH8820 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier promise to make things conducive without having to worry much about your health and comfort. This humidifier offers both warm and cool mist so you can save big time for the entire year.

It’s quite big in size and has a 5.5L water tank capacity that can run for 40 hours on its lowest mist setting. Each misting option has 360° rotatable spray nozzles that pump out 600ml/h of warm mist moisture and 300ml/h of cool mist. There is an option for you to set and customize the humidity level on the LED display panel.

You can’t even notice the machine running since it has a super-quiet technology that operates at 20dB. It also has a child-lock feature to ensure safety. Managing this unit is such a breeze because it has a remote control option. This is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and even for your indoor plants.

What makes it even more special is the added compartment for your essential oils. Now, you don’t need to have a diffuser to tag along, what you need is this Elechomes SH8820 humidifier.

The top-fill design was made for easy refilling and cleaning, plus a cleaning brush is tucked inside the unit for better washing. There’s a square pad included as well to slow down the collection of scale on the heating sheet.

Overall I find this a great partner throughout the cold season, except for the hard water part since Utah utilizes a salt-based water supply. You might need to double up your demineralization products to lessen the build-up or better yet use a distilled water for more efficient yet costly humidification.

Boneco S450 Warm Mist Humidifier


  • 13 x 9.5 x 13.2 inches
  • Steam Warm Mist
  • 2.5L Water tank capacity
  • 13L moisture output per day

Specific Features:

  • 4-Mode Operation (Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Econ Mode, and Cleaning Mode)
  • Clear Mist Technology
  • 9-hour Programmable Timer
  • Quiet Operation at 37dB
  • Removable Tank with Handle
  • With 2 Mineral Pads included
  • Water Refill and Cleaning Indicators
  • Safe for Pets and Children

Utah is famous for its winter sports and tourist attractions, but when you’ve gone and done all these, a nice cup of warm tea or coffee with a book on hand feels better. Of course, to achieve the perfect indoor environment, you need to focus on pumping in some moisture to enliven the entire room.

That is why the Boneco S450 Steam Warm Mist Humidifier made a step further when it comes to humidification. They understand the importance of comfort so they came up with a humidifier that has all the features you could practically ask for.

The steam warm mist is hypoallergenic and germ-free, ideal for those allergy-sufferers. Thanks to the mineral pads that sit at the bottom of the tank. It sifts all the harmful elements that could potentially blend with the air.

Boneco also added the ClearMist technology which maintains a warm sensation even though the unit is operating at a boiling point. This feature makes it safe to use when pets and children are around. Plus, the unit sits on the floor, with a flat bottom and anti-spill quality.

There are 4 operation modes depending on how you want it to run, auto mode, cleaning mode, sleeping mode, and econ mode for energy-efficient operation.

Since the days are longer in Utah, particularly in Salt Lake City during the winter solstice, you can set the 9-hour programmable timer in advance. If you want to clean the unit, you can turn on the cleaning mode and it will virtually clean the tank with the decalcification operation.

Basically, this humidifier has a little bit of everything that would make your winter season beyond bearable and comfortable. However, my only concern is the mineral pad replacement which needs to be done every 2-3 weeks.

Price-wise, it’s also a bit expensive but reasonable since it has a large coverage than usual models. Apart from that, Boneco is an ideal choice!

Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier


  • 7.75 x 15.03 x 12.48 inches
  • Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist
  • 7.5L water tank capacity
  • 120 hours run time on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • 3-speed settings
  • low water indicator light
  • Aromatherapy tray
  • Silver clean protected tank
  • Directional nozzle
  • Night light
  • 5-button control panel

When the air is too dry, breathing becomes difficult and everything starts to feel differently. Your lips start to crack and your nose feels stuffy even inside the house. I usually get all these symptoms when winter air is so frigid.

Fortunately, there are humidifiers such as the Pure Guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier. It stays on for 120 hours on its lowest setting and on a single refill.

You can practically choose between its 3-speed settings and directional mist nozzle for better indoor comfort. Now staying indoors has never been more fun with a refreshing and comfortable ambiance, plus a drop of aromatherapy oil makes everything perfect.

What I love about the Pure Guardian H4810AR, is the Silver Clean Protection to keep mold and build-up from devouring the water tank. You can clean it on a weekly basis or depending on your water supply. But, mind you, this unit is great when it comes to using tap or hard water.

Since the nights are colder during winter in Utah, you need to invest in a humidifier with a quiet operation, programmable timer, customizable temperature and mist settings, and a choice between Cool or Warm Mist.

This unit is definitely a standout when it comes to keeping your home well-humidified all throughout the season.


Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier


  • 12 x 7.88 x 14.25 inches
  • Warm Mist
  • 3.7L water tank capacity
  • 24 hours runtime on low setting

Specific Features:

  • Filter-free
  • Whisper-quiet
  • 2-output settings
  • Optional medicine cup
  • Built-in tank handle

The harsh winter can make you sick and adding enough warm moisture can give you respite. After all, the key to surviving winter is being comfortable and comfort means investing in your overall health and home value.

That is why Vicks Warm Mist humidifier focuses on keeping you healthy and comfortable by integrating humidification and temporary relief from congestion, cold, and flu.

Its design is simple and straightforward with 2 output options for better comfort. This 3.7L humidifier has a transparent tank so you’ll know when it’s about time to refill.

Luckily you can also sleep peacefully because it is equipped with a whisper-quiet operation and an auto shut-off feature when the tank is already empty.

This unit looks pretty much conventional yet its features are excellent in that it has bagged a lot of recognition in the field of humidification and protection against flu and cold.

TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier


  • 11.77 x 10.71 x 8.66 inches
  • Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • 6L water tank capacity
  • 550ml/hr mist output
  • 60 hours of operation on the lowest setting

Specific Features:

  • Customized humidity
  • Remote control option
  • With Sleep mode
  • Essential Oil Diffuser included
  • LED Display
  • Top-fill design
  • Quiet operation
  • 9-hour timer

Utah’s winter can be depressing since it lasts from December to February with freezing temperature and extremely dry air. I can only imagine the situation most of you endure while making sure you are all comfortable indoors.

Thanks to TaoTronics TT-AH046 Warm and Cool Mist humidifier. It’s packed with excellent features that can get you through depressing weather conditions. This unit’s most outstanding quality is the automatic humidity monitoring that maintains your desired humidity levels with a 9-hour timer for energy efficiency.

And because you can’t just go outside when there’s severe snowfall, why not tuck in bed and turn on the Sleep Mode setting that automatically turns off the LED display and operates in a whisper-quiet set-up.

You can practically choose between using the warm or cool mist humidification during winter and all-year-round. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, TaoTronics made sure that you won’t have a hard time adding water with its top-fill design and nano-coatings.

Your home would feel alive and inviting by dropping your favorite essential oil into the diffuser. All these except for the cleaning and essential oil part can be done with just a few clicks from the remote control. Such a smart way to get through the sharp winter weather.

Most Ideal Humidifier for Utah?

These top five humidifiers are definitely my personal choices but if I have to choose one among them, my first pick would be the Boneco S450 Steam Warm Mist Humidifier.

I based my decision on varying factors including safety, comfort, health, maintenance, and focus on the topic I have discussed.

Overall, Boneco S450 was able to bag all the criteria we’re looking for that would be helpful for people residing in Utah.

The winter season has a lot more to offer than just being cold. And Utah weather is among the favorites when snow is being talked about. This place has a lot to offer that you can tick-off your bucket list.

However, locals and tourists are challenged with keeping their homes comfortable and well-moisturized especially during the night when the cold weather is too sharp.

That is why having a humidifier handy eases the burden of dry cold air. A humidifier gives many benefits apart from just adding moisture. It basically creates a relaxing haven while making sure you get to breathe easily, avoid congestion, allergies, and even stay warm.

Above are the top five humidifiers that can help you maintain a pleasant indoor environment.

Mind you, each of these brands and models are excellent in their own ways.

Each has its own sets of Pros and Cons, you just have to weigh your options. In the end, it’s all up to you on what humidifier satisfies your winter needs.