Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems – NO MORE Splitting Headaches!

So, you suspect that you suffer from sinusitis? And, you are wondering which is the best humidifier for sinus problems and if humidifiers actually help in this case?


Are you having headache that feels like the pressure in your head is too high? Do you have facial pain? Is your nose running? Do you have nasal congestion? Do you feel tired?


If you’re your answer is YES to most of these questions, you most likely have sinusitis.


In some cases, the symptoms can also include a toothache in the upper molar region. And, you can also suffer from swelling in your face and even a fever.


There are many types of sinusitis and for most of them, you will need antibiotics.


But, in some cases, depending on the type of sinusitis, you can shorten your recovery time. And, soften the symptoms with the help of a humidifier.


For example, you can lower the pressure in your nasal passages and reduce the headaches and facial pain. For that, you need to get rid of the congestion and nose running.

How can you do that?

Easy. Just add humidity in the air you breathe.


Your nasal passages will become wet, thus the snot will simply “slip out”.


Believe me, I was shocked with what came out of my nose the first time I started using a warm mist humidifier.


However, you first need to determine the type of the sinusitis you suffer from.


Then, after the doctor prescribes you a proper therapy, you can take the next step – Finding the right humidifier. Or, more precisely, your type of sinusitis.


Therefore, let’s take a look at the types of sinusitis and sinusitis symptoms. This way, you will make sure the humidifier you choose will help you with your sinus problems.


As you can see from the section title, there are 4 main types of sinusitis. And, each comes with its own symptoms and possible problem solutions.


So, let’s see where you fall in.


The symptoms that will trouble you when you are suffering from an acute sinusitis include the following:

    • Congestion
    • Stuffy nose
    • Headaches caused by the pressure in your sinuses
    • Facial pain
    • Discolored or cloudy nose mucus

    Unfortunately, with an acute sinusitis, the symptoms can trouble you for a whole month!


    But, if you have a viral sinusitis,  it usually lasts up to 10 days.


    Or, even less, and doesn’t get worse in the meantime.


    The therapy your doctor prescribes you for this type of sinusitis is targeted at offering a relief from the symptoms.


    You will most likely have to use intranasal steroids, decongestants that can be bought over-the-counter, and nasal sprays that are based on saline.


    For a virus caused sinusitis, you won’t have to use antibiotics.


    And, you should avoid contact with other people because you will have a contagious disease.


    If your sinusitis symptoms, don’t disappear after 10 days but don’t go over a month, you are probably suffering from a bacterial sinusitis.


    For this type of sinusitis, you can expect a therapy that includes antibiotics, saline spray, intra-nasal steroids, and decongestants that don’t need a prescription.


    The subacute sinusitis is a result of an infection and it usually lasts between a month and two months.


    For this type of sinusitis, the treatments you can expect are a wide range of antibiotics and intra-nasal steroids.


    chronic sinusitis - best humidifier for sinus problems

    With the chronic sinusitis, you will experience symptoms such as nasal drainage, a pressure in the sinuses and headaches, and facial pain.


    It can last up to 3 months.


    Furthermore, don’t be surprised if you start feeling tired and if your sense of smell goes missing.


    With this type of sinusitis, the usual problem is not an infection but inflammation.


    And, this inflammation makes your nasal membranes and the tissue that is inside your sinus cavities swell.


    That is the reason why you experience symptoms such as frequent mucus build up.


    Therefore, this problem often leads to bacterial infection.



    For diagnosing this type of sinusitis, and for further management, it’s important to have a CT scan.


    Only a CT scan can identify inflammation in your sinus cavities.


    And, it can point to which part is inflamed and if you also have anatomic obstruction problems.


    With CT scan results, the doctors can do an endoscopic intervention.


    This way, they can identify and solve the possible problems.


    These problems can be a deviated septum, nasal scar tissue, polyps, or other abnormalities on your tissue.


    The treatment you can expect for a chronic sinusitis includes oral or intranasal steroids, saline rinses, and a wide range of antibiotics.


    Also, the treatment itself can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.



    The recurrent acute sinusitis comes with 3 or more acute sinusitis episodes.


    And, each of these episodes lasts no longer than 2 weeks.


    The treatment for recurrent acute sinusitis can include antibiotics (in severe cases).


    But, in most cases, there’s no need for antibiotics.


    This problem is mostly caused by seasonal pollen allergies.



    Okay, now that you know which sinusitis type is bothering you, let's see what are the humidifier recommendations you have.

    Top Choice For Acute Sinusitis- 
    Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - best humidifier for sinus problems

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    Since acute sinusitis comes with symptoms that are most similar to a cold, you should pretty much treat it as a cold.


    This means that, since the acute sinusitis can be viral or bacterial, you need to "flush out" the cause from your nasal passages and sinus cavities.

    The main problem with this type of sinusitis is that the more you allow the secretion (virus or bacteria filled) to build up, the worse the symptoms become and the longer your recovery period lasts.

    This is where the humidifier comes to the rescue! 

    It will make your sinus cavities and nasal passages moist and "slippery", meaning that the harmful secretion won't stick to the walls and will simply go out through your nose or mouth.

    Sure, the heavy doses of mist that this humidifier produces will make your nose running all the time.

    But, it will clean you out much faster, and you will be on your feet again in a matter of few days.


    Also, did I mention that the Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist humidifier is quite affordable?

    You won't have to harm your budget, and you will get a perfect weapon for not just sinus problems, but pollen allergies and dry skin as well.

    And, most of illnesses that hit your respiratory system in general, will not be so hard to get rid of with this appliance in your home.


    But, don't get me wrong, this humidifier won't cure your acute sinusitis, but rather help you with softening the symptoms.


    Your headaches will be less painful and the recovery period will be shorter.

    Top Choice for Subacute Sinusitis-

    best humidifier for sinus problems - mistaire humidifier - subacute sinusitis

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    Subacute sinusitis can last up to 2 months... Therefore, you need a reliable humidifier.


    And, since this is my first humidifier, I guarantee that it works perfectly and lasts (if you take proper care of it, of course).


    Also, the steam output is rather powerful, and that is exactly what you need - Loads of vapor.


    It might not help you in completely getting rid of your acute sinusitis since this is a problem caused by infection and you need antibiotics.


    But, it will definitely help you with clearing out your nasal passages and sleeping normally.


    And, we know how important getting enough sleep and waking up well rested is important for cutting the recovery time down.


    If you want to find out more about this budget-friendly humidifier, I suggest reading my review.



    Top Choice for Chronic Sinusitis-

    best humidifier for sinus problems -mistaire xl humidifier - chronic sinusitis

    Specific Features (Click here to know more)

    Now if there's a sinusitis type I know best it is the chronic sinusitis...


    I've been battling this nerve wrecking condition for years.


    And, if there's one thing that will help you with the dreadful symptoms caused by chronic sinusitis, it's a long-lasting humidifier.


    Just like the standard Mistaire humidifier, the XL model is reliable, doesn't break down, and produces thick clouds of vapor constantly.


    The advantage of this model is that it has a much bigger tank, so you can cover larger areas. Meaning, you can even use it during the day in your living room.


    I know how stressful having a chronic sinusitis can be... Headaches, loss of smell and taste, becoming constantly nervous because you can't function normally...


    I've been there...


    But, believe me, this one will make you feel much better!  It will clear up your nasal passages, help you in regaining your smell and taste.


    And, the headaches will be much milder or completely disappear as well.


    You can check out my in-depth review of the Mistaire XL Humidifier for more info.

    Top Choice for Recurrent Acute Sinusitis- 
    Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

    best humidifier for sinus problems - vick humidifier warm mist

    Specific Features (Click here to know more)

    Recurring acute sinusitis is sort of the lightest type you can suffer from.


    It's usually caused by seasonal pollen allergies and last no more than 2 weeks.


    Though, it usually comes back after a while and can happen 3 or more times during the year.


    However, this type of sinusitis is the only one that can be completely cured with a humidifier. At least while you are in your home where you can control the pollen.


    The mist that comes out of the humidifier will definitely help you with your nasal passages and minimize the symptoms. But, what is even more important is that it will help you with the pollen in your home.


    How? Well, normally, pollen flies freely around the house and you easily inhale it.


    But, if you use a humidifier, the pollen will soak the water particles from the mist and become heavy.


    This means that it will fall down, thus you won't inhale it and cause a sinus inflammation and swelling.


    But, you will have to vacuum your home more often...


    One more thing. This humidifier also includes a medicine cup! Huurayy! This means that you can use it for more than just pollen allergies.

    For example, if you or your kids catch a flu or a cold, you can add a few drops of special coughing medicine (make sure the doctor is fine with that first and ask for his opinion).

    By infusing the warm mist with particles of medicine, your lungs will get the treatment much better than with syrups or pills.

    The medicine will directly be applied where it needs to be.

    Meaning, much faster recovery!



    Okay, now you know how to identify the type of sinusitis you suffer from.


    But, to make it easier to remember, I've created a table that you can use, or share and help your friends that have similar problems.

    So, now that we've covered all 4 types of sinusitis, let's take a look again at the best humidifier for  for each sinusitis type.

    Type of Sinusitis

    Humidifier Model

    Acute Sinusitis

    Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - best humidifier for sinus problems

    Sub acute Sinusitis

    best humidifier for sinus problems - mistaire humidifier - subacute sinusitis

    Chronic Sinusitis

    best humidifier for sinus problems -mistaire xl humidifier - chronic sinusitis

    Recurring Acute Sinusitis

    best humidifier for sinus problems - vick humidifier warm mist

    You are all set now to make the right steps for your recovery.


    But, before I go, I need to make something clear.


    Sinusitis is a serious condition that demands professional help and in 90% of times, you will need proper medication that a doctor or specialists needs to prescribe.


    Therefore, don't think that by using a humidifier your sinusitis will disappear because it won't.


    A humidifier only offers relief from dreadful symptoms such as headaches, nose running, congestions, and an overall better state of your nasal passages.


    But, believe me, humidifiers make your life with sinusitis much more tolerable and keep you from going insane from the fact that you can't live normally...


    I know how that feels, I've been there for years, until I discovered my first humidifier.


    Since then, humidifiers have become one of my most important secret weapons in fighting against sinus problems and pollen allergies.


    Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you.


    If you think that my post was interesting to read and that it offers useful information, feel free to share it on social media.


    Who knows, you might help someone else that has the same problem.


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