Best Humidifier for Condo – The Ideal Models for Your Hi-End Home (Expert’s Opinion)

Okay, I've been meaning to do this post for a while. But, have I lived in a house my whole life, and never lived in a condo. Therefore, I had to check the facts and ask for an expert's opinion before publishing this guide. This time, I had the pleasure of interviewing a structural engineer from Houston, Texas. Mr. Carlos Jackson offered to help me out in determining the factors that should be considered when looking for the best humidifier for condo duelers.


We had to go through to all the factors and cover all the possible angles in order to understand the problems you might be facing when looking for a humidifier for an apartment. So, without further ado, I give you the expert's opinion.


I Asked the Expert for His Opinion on Best Humidifier for Condo

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Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Hello Carlos, thank you so much for agreeing to help on this topic.



Structural engineer

Hello, Leona and all the readers.


It is my pleasure and I just hope that I will actually be able to help since what I know is structural planning and humidity is not really my area of expertise.


But, I think our joint effort will bring positive results (laughs).


Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Well, you got that right (laughs) and yeah, a team effort is always better than solo play, I always say.


Anyway, to get this show on the road, can you tell me, in your personal opinion, what is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the best humidifier for condo living?



Structural engineer

Okay, when it comes to condos or apartments since we are talking about the #1 factor, it would be the size of the area the humidifier needs to cover.


I mean, it's common sense, right? The bigger the condo, the more mist the humidifier needs to push out.


For example, if you have a 900 square feet condo, a humidifier that can cover approximately 500 square feet won't be able to properly humidify the whole place.




But, if you plan on using it for just a single room that has some, let's say, 150 square feet, the same humidifier might be too strong.


And, it will probably do more harm than good if used on max mist settings.


So, my best advice for the start would be to check the output power of the humidifier before you buy one.


Also, it will be easy to just lower the mist output settings if your place is smaller than the humidifier can cover, but vice versa, you won't get good results.



Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Yes, I agree with you that the size of your condo or the room you want to humidify is the most important factor.


Now, what would be the next factor you should consider?



Structural engineer

Well, I would have to say room positions and the overall floor plan of the condo.


For example, if your rooms are somehow all connected to form sort of one big room divided into sections, without doors that, humidity wise, you can humidify the entire condo with just one powerful humidifier.


It can be placed anywhere because there won't be barriers that would stop the mist from moving forward and entering the next room.




On the other hand, if your rooms are completely "bordered" and you have physical barriers such as door and walls all around for each room, then, I would have to say that if you want to humidify the whole condo, you will either have to move the humidifier from room to room or buy more than one.


Or, you can get one powerful humidifier and position it as centrally in the condo as possible and leave the doors of each room opened. But, this could be a problem because most of the humidity will remain in that central room and possibly cause over-humidification in it.




Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Okay, and what about the materials used in your condo?



Structural engineer

Good catch, Leona! You are completely right, the materials used also play an important role in the choice of the best humidifier for condo owners.


For example, hardwood floors actually require a certain amount of humidity in the air or they will become dry and in most cases warp.


On the other hand, if the flooring is made of tiles, having too much humidity will make the surface slippery and dangerous.


Furthermore, you need to take into account the amount of humidity you create while cooking.


But, usually, condos have great air venting systems over the stoves so adding a humidifier won't make the air over-humidified.


Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


You mentioned air venting. Should air circulation also be included as an important factor?



Structural engineer

Definitely! Usually, condos are pretty much vacuum sealed units that rely on air venting systems to push the fresh air into the rooms.


This means that these systems also take the air out.


Furthermore, in most cases, cities have a code that specifies the amount of fresh air each condo requires.


And, this code can either be a CO2 level, or an absolute number.


When adjusting ventilation, the typical recommendation for CO2 levels is 1000 ppm.




If you live in a building that doesn't measure IAQ and only has a fixed amount, you should find out if an AHU (dedicated fresh air handling unit) is used.


Or, if your building acquires the fresh air through a minimum position fresh air damper.


In any case, condo duelers should find out the amount of incoming and outgoing fresh/used air, and if the building already has CO2 sensors, that information will be easily accessible.



Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Okay, but where do humidifiers fit into this story?



Structural engineer

Well, it is important to know how well the air circulates. Because, if that ratio is high, all of the mist your humidifier produces will simply be pushed out through the vents. And, your humidifier will pretty much work for nothing.


Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Before moving to the next question, I just have to add something. As far as I know, fresh, more oxygen infused air is slightly lighter than CO2. So, this means that it remains closer to the ground than fresh air.


This furthermore means that if your condo has a strong ventilation system, using a cool mist humidifier would mean that all the mist is closer to the ground. And, that means it will be sucked out by the system.


So, it would be better to use warm mist humidifiers so that the mist is higher and doesn't get sucked out?




Structural engineer

Yes, excellent point! If there's no way of adjusting the air intake/outtake amount, I would recommend warm mist humidifiers.


On the other hand, if you have the ability to town down the air exchange, then it doesn't matter which humidifier type you use. And, cool mist models will also get the job done well.

Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


What about the filters these air systems use?




Structural engineer

When it comes to filters, the most important thing to know is the efficiency.


For example, if the building uses filters that are rated with the 80% efficiency, they won't stop the allergens from reaching the indoor air.


On the other hand, if the building has the best type, the 99% efficient HEPA filter, the air in the condo will be free of everything.

Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Great! This actually helps a lot! Based on the type of the filter their building uses, people can actually determine if they need a filter-free or a filtration system humidifier.



Structural engineer

Wow! Yes, that makes complete sense! I honestly didn't think about that before, so thank you, Leona, for teaching me something new today (laughing).

Leona Maurer

Leona Maurer


Oh, you thought me much more, believe me (laughing), and thank you for this interview!


I won't take more of your time today, I am sure you have plenty on your agenda considering your line of work.



Structural engineer

No problem! It was really interesting and fun to talk to you and I am looking forward to the reactions of your readers, hope we did a good job today.


Thank you for having me in your interview, Leona.

A Few More Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Humidifier for Condo

Now, we've discussed the most important factors to consider when looking for the best humidifier for condo owners in the interview section.


But, there are a few more factors and features that I know you should keep an eye on. And, I didn't want to bother our friendly structural engineer with them.


Easy to Use


Once you've determined the type, the filtration, and the output power, you need to make sure the model you buy is easy to use.


By easy to use, I mean easy to set, refill, maintain, and even move around the condo.


Furthermore, the control panel should not be complicated, preferably with a digital display, and if possible, with a remote controller.


In case you decided to opt for an evaporative model, just check if the wick filters it comes with are easy to replace and not expensive.


Low Noise


Possibly the biggest issue you can have with a humidifier is when you choose the one that is noisy.


This is much more notable with evaporative models because they have fans that push the moisturized air out.


So, in order to make sure you can actually control the noise, choose the models that offer fan speed regulation.


This way, if the current noise level is too loud for you, you can slow down the fan and lower the noise.


On the other hand, ultrasonic humidifiers are (at least when maintained properly) nearly silent and even promote better sleeping with their low pitch humming noise.




The timer is also something that you should look in a humidifier.


It's a useful feature that allows you to set the running time of the humidifier.


It saves you money on the electrical bill and gives you a piece of mind for when you are sleeping or not home because the humidifier shuts itself down when the time is up.




When it comes to humidifiers (high-end models at least) humidistats are a must-have item and you shouldn't buy one without it.


The humidistat allows the humidifier to be "aware" or the humidity levels at all times so that it can keep the desired humidity levels (set by you) constant.


Empty Tank Auto Shut-Off


The waterless automatic shut-off is your safety switch. The sensor detects when the tank is almost empty and shuts down the unit automatically.


This keeps the humidifier running without water, which can actually be dangerous and set the humidifier on fire.

Best Humidifier for Condo (Expert's Choices)

Now that you know everything there is to know about choosing the best humidifier for condo living, it's time to actually check out the best models.


 Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

Levoit 6l humidifier -best humidifier for condo

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

The Levoit LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier is one of the most ideal choices when it comes to condo living. It's simple as that...


First of all, it has an amazingly sexy, stylish design that simply fits into every modern condo interior decor.


Next, you have a water tank that can take up to 6 liters of water! Yes, SIX liters!


This means that you can leave it at "full blast" (if you want to) the whole night, and there will still be plenty of water in the tank in the morning.




Also, you don't really have to worry about the noise because the loudest it goes is just 36db, and that is bearly hearable.


This is possible thanks to Levoit's quiet engineering and their focus on helping you sleep better than you ever had.


And, another proof of that focus is the possibility of turning off the control panel light for a completely uninterrupted sleep.


If it's luxury that you are looking in a humidifier, this model is definitely the one worth your attention.




In fact, not only that this humidifier is well-built and reliable, but it also offers additional features that will make your life more comfortable.


For example, it has an inbuilt humidistat. And, this means that all you have to do is choose the mist type (warm or cool) set the desired humidity level, and leave it to the humidifier to take care of maintaining that level.


Also, when it comes to settings, you don't even have to get up and go to the humidifier because you will have the remote.


Just imagine how useful this will be when you decide to change the humidity levels, for example, while you are watching a movie.


Furthermore, you can use the remote to activate the timer and plan the running time of your humidifier.


As for the safety, there's not a thing to be worried about because the humidifier comes with the feature of automatic shut-off when the tank is nearly empty.


So, there's no risk of the so-called empty run, which can make the moving parts overheat and possibly create a fire hazard.




And, as the final luxury feature, the humidifier includes an essential oil tray so that you can have a spa day, in your own condo, anytime you want.


Now, when it comes to ease of use and maintenance, it doesn't get any simpler and easier than this.


It's pretty straightforward actually because you have a large opening at the tank's bottom. Not only that it's easy to fill, but also very easy to reach inside when you need to clean it and prevent mold development.


All in all, the Levoit LV600HH can be considered as the Royalty in the humidifier world. Reliable, large tank, powerful, both warm and cool mist options, and plenty of useful features that will make your life much easier and more comfortable.


Essick Air AIRCARE MA1201 Evaporative Humidifier

Essick Air AIRCARE MA1201 Evaporative Humidifier - best humidifier for condo

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

If you are looking for a heavy duty, evaporative, whole condo humidifier, the AIRCARE MA1201 is most likely the one you are looking for.


In fact, with the power, it comes with (can humidify the area of up to 3600 square feet!), even the duplex condos will not be a problem at all.


Also, the MA1201 comes with a massive 13.6-liter water tank. And, when the fan is cranked up to the max, you will have up to 40 hours of continuous work time.


Now, don't be scared of its size and weight when the tank is full because the 360-degree rotatable wheels provide a smooth "ride" in any direction.


So, moving the humidifier around the condo will not be a problem at all.




As for the ease of use, the digital display is easy to read and it shows the fan speed the humidifier is using at any given moment.


Also, when speaking of the fan speeds, you will be happy to know that you have the ability to choose between 4 different speeds. This is very useful for the noise level control I mentioned earlier.


And, the control panel also allows you to set the desired level of humidity, which the digital humidistat will maintain automatically.


Finally, the humidifier comes with a large wick filter that makes sure there are no minerals in the invisible mist. This makes your marble countertops and your lungs, safe from the infamous white mineral dust some humidifiers are known for.


All in all, this is one of the best models for huge condos and the features it comes with make it easy to use and reliable.

Venta LW25 Airwasher

venta humidifier and air purifier - best humidifier for condo

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

If you are looking for a really effective humidifier that doesn't require much maintenance and refilling, the Venta LW25 Airwasher might just be the one you are looking for.


However, you might freak out when you see the price.


But, when you take into consideration how effective, energy efficient, and fuss-free this unit is, you will realize that it more than pays of in the long run.




Thanks to its 400 square feet area coverage ability, this humidifier is quite suitable for large living rooms or bedrooms.


The unit is like the previous one, evaporative, meaning there's no white dust or allergens in the properly humidified air you breathe.


And, there's no need for cleaning once a week because the manufacturer recommends bi-weekly rinsing, and detailed cleaning every half a year.


In the end, this is a quite cost-effective and reliable unit that will properly humidify your living space. And, it will last at least for a decade with proper manufacturer-recommended maintenance.


In fact, it also comes with a 10-year warranty.


Vornado Evap40 Evaporative Humidifier

vornado evap40 humidifier - best humidifier for condo

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

The Vornado Evap40 Evaporative Humidifier comes as an extremely effective way of properly humidifying your entire condo.


However, this is just one of the reasons why this humidifier found its place on the best humidifier for condo list.


Another reason why this unit is so effective and great is that it uses the unique Vortex, air circulation system.


This system is in charge of dispersing the humidity evenly and rapidly throughout your home.


Now, other humidifiers use the standard circulative method, which, don't get me wrong, is great. But, with the Vortex system, the delivery time is much faster. And, the humidity even reaches all the corners of your condo.


So, when I say 1000 square feet of area coverage, I really mean every single square inch coverage.


As for continuous running time, you will be happy to know that when of full blast settings, the unit will work non-stop for 24 hours.


But, if you tone down the output, it will work even longer, much longer actually.


With an efficiency such as this one and a 15-liter water tank, your life will be much easier because you won't have to refill it that often.




Now, don't worry about the lack of a digital display because the featured dials are extremely reliable and easy to use.


In fact, setting the humidity level and fan speed is extremely simple. And, once the desired humidity level is reached, the humidifier will turn itself off automatically, and be on standby.


In the end, the 5-year warranty you get for this model only tells you how confident the manufacturer is in their unit. And, that it's meant to work really well for a long period.


Essick Air AIRCARE EP9 800

essic air ep9 800 humidifier - best humidifier for condo

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

The solution to whole condo humidification, the Essick Air AIRCARE EP9 800.


With its huge 13.2-liter water tank and a powerful 9-speed fan, this unit can easily humidify even the largest condo. To be more precise, it can cover an area of up to 2400 square feet.


So, there's no need to worry that your entire condo won't be humidified, right?


Also, don't let the size scare you. The humidifier does come with 360-degree rotatable wheels in its base, and can easily be moved around the condo.


And, thanks to the very stylish design, you can easily fit it in every corner of your home, without ruining the overall decor.


In fact, the decorative tile on the top can easily be replaced with any standard 12" x 12" tile. This way, you can match it exactly how you want it.


For those of you with a feng shui home, this could be just the humidifier you were looking for.




The large water tank will make your life easier because you won't have to refill it that often. To be precise, this unit will work 60 hours without refilling!


So, you will pretty much fill it, let it run, and forget about touching it for nearly 3 days.


And, speaking of touching (the control panel), the humidifier comes with very intuitive commands. Also, it has an LED display that shows the set humidity levels, the current humidity, and the fan speed.


Also, once the desired humidity level is reached, it will switch to standby mode automatically. This way it is saving you money on the electrical bill.


All in all, this USA-made humidifier offers reliability, powerful humidification, and energy saving all in one!

Final Thoughts

There you go, the best humidifier for condo owners and subtenants.


We have covered all the possible angles when it comes to choosing the ideal humidifier for your condo.


What you need to remember are the important factors and features before buying one.


For starters, make sure that the mist output power of the humidifier matches the area you want to humidify.


Also, the humidifier can be overpowered for your condo because you can always use the minimum settings.


But, don't get one that is underpowered for your square footage because you will have a problem with proper humidification.




Make sure you find out the type of the ventilation system your building uses. And, the percentage of the air filter efficiency. This way, you will know if you need a humidifier with powerful filters or not.


Likewise, the floorplan of your condo is important. Because it tells you where to position the humidifier and also the mist output power to look for.


And finally, make sure that the features of the model you plan on buying matches your personal requirements. And, that you are fully aware of how that specific model works so that you know what to expect when you start using it.


I hope that this guide helped you in realizing which is the best when it comes to your high-end home. And, that if you have any additional questions, you won't hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.

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