Best Humidifier for Arizona – Get Rid Of Dryness In No Time!

Okay, so, you live in one of the world’s hottest and driest places, Arizona. And, if you are in Phoenix, then you are in one of the driest cities in the world. That is most likely why you are looking for the best humidifier for Arizona climate, aren't you?

arizona, phoenix yearly weather chart

But, before you say "Yes, it’s hot, but that is dry heat and humid heat is much worse!", you are right. But...


Technically, dry heat is far more damaging to your body than humid heat.


Though you might feel hotter in high humidity areas than in hot dry areas, even if the temperature is the same, your body suffers more when the temperature is high and the humidity is low.


Let’s see how this actually works.


How Temperature and Humidity Affect Your Body

best humidifier for arizona - thermometer

Before we continue our search for the best humidifier for Arizona, let's take a look at why you actually need a humidifier.


When you are hot, your body sweats.


You cool down your body by producing sweat which then evaporates from your skin, making you feel cooler.


And, that cycle goes on for as long as your body feels hot.


This is how our body regulates the temperature when the air around is too hot.


This is a great natural way of cooling down but it also means that you are losing water.


The more you sweat, the more you dehydrate.


Let’s see now what goes on in hot humid areas.

Hot and Humid

best humidifier for arizona - hot and humid

Now, in areas where the air temperature is high, but the levels of humidity are likewise high, you actually sweat less than you think.


There’s already plenty of humidity in the air and your sweat doesn’t evaporate and it's not constantly replaced by new doses.


In fact, what you feel like sweat on your skin, is actually just condensed water from the air.


Sure, you are feeling like you are sweating all the time, but the truth is, you are not.


And, since there’s no sweat evaporation and the cooling process going on, you are feeling hot.


On the other hand…


Hot and Dry

best humidifier for arizona - desert landscape

When the weather is like the one you have in Arizona, you are pretty much left with only your sweat to cool you down…


Again, this is a great way to cool yourself down. But, in areas like Arizona, it’s dangerous because the air is dry and you are on a certain path to dehydration.


On a hot summer day in Arizona, you can lose around 1 liter of water from your body, per hour! Yes, per hour…


And, when your body lacks water, it heats up faster and you end up with heat exhaustion.


At first, you can feel dizzy, and eventually stop sweating (not a good sign at all).


Then, if you haven’t rehydrated your body in the meantime, your ears will start ringing, and you might even lose muscle control…


Therefore, if you ask me, being hot and humid is a much better option than being hot and dry.


Which brings us to the point of this article – Humidifiers…


How to know which is the best humidifier for Arizona?

Easy, just keep reading as I have done the research and made a selection of great models that will not only rehydrate your body but also make you feel cooler, even though the temperature is still hot outside.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Humidifier for Arizona

Okay, before I say "this is the best humidifier for Arizona", I have to explain how I got to the part of deciding the particular models are the best.

best humidifier for arizona - annual humidity levels arizona

For starters, I had to check the annual humidity levels for Arizona.


This way, I was able to determine if you need a strong humidifier or one that can just pump some small amounts of mist in the air.


As you can see in the image, the results are not that good. I mean, besides Flagstaff, other cities are desperate for humidity.


Therefore, the humidifier should be:

  • Strong
  • With a large tank
  • Cool Mist
  • Reliable (Run for hours each day)


This is pretty much self-explanatory. For Arizona dry air conditions, you need a humidifier that can pump out some serious amounts of mist.


Otherwise, it won't be able to raise the humidity to the desired levels (ideally around 55%).


With a large tank


Since you will be running your humidifier all the time (or at least for the best part of the day), you don't want to have to refill it after like 10 or so hours.


Therefore, a large water tank is what you should be looking for.


You want a humidifier that can just be filled and "forgotten".


Cool mist


Another point that doesn't need that much explanation, right?


If you are already hot, adding more heat into the air is not what you need at all.


That's why you should look for a cool mist humidifier.


You need to cool the air down, not heat it up.




Naturally, you want an appliance that is reliable and doesn't break down after just a few weeks of use.


Since you will be using it a lot, your humidifier needs to be well-made and with as less breakable parts as possible.


Therefore, all the models I've included in this guide are well-known for not letting you down when you need them the most.


Best Humidifier for Arizona - 2018 Edition

With all factors taken into account, let's see which models qualify as the best humidifier for Arizona.

Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

best humidifier for arizona - mistaire xl humidifier

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

The Pure Enrichment MistAire XL is a model that I already own and praise every time I get a chance.


No one paid me to say good things about it. I really love this humidifier because it really offers great quality for a really affordable price.


In fact, it is much more reliable than other, much more expensive models.


If you want to get a much better insight into all the bells and whistles of this humidifier, I recommend checking out my review of it.

Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

honeywell humidifier - best humidifier for arizona

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

Now, the Honeywell XCM350B is not an ultrasonic humidifier but an evaporative one.


What this means is that it keeps all the air pollutants stuck in its wick filter.


Also, it has a UV lamp so that the germs, bacteria, and viruses, are killed before they can reach the air you breathe.


A great model for hot, dry climates and dusty desert air.


The 1-gallon water tank will keep it running for 24 hours on one fill, so that's a plus in my book.


Of course, the humidifier produces cool, invisible mist, so it's great for making the room cooler and more pleasant to be in.

AIRCARE Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE Whole House Evaporative Humidifier - best humidifier for arizona

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

If the air where you live is too dry and you just can't stand it anymore, maybe you should consider a whole house humidifier.


And, the AirCare Whole House Humidifier, or as I like to call it "The Beast", might be just what you are looking for.


This massive humidifier can easily humidify a house that is 2700 sq. ft big!


It has an auto-humidistat, meaning, it can keep the humidity levels as you set them, on its own, without the need for user input.


And, once the desired humidity level is reached, it will shut off and stay on standby until the levels change.


Also, you don't have to worry about the danger of running on an empty water tank because it will shut down when the water tank is empty.


Furthermore, it is an evaporative humidifier, meaning that it uses a wick filter, which further means no bacteria or virus in the air, as well as other contaminants such as minerals.


It may not win the beauty pageant competition because let's be honest, the design is not that elegant. But, it is one of the most powerful models on the market and it will get the job done with flying colors.


Bionaire Ultrasonic Warm Cool Mist Humidifier

bionare cool-warm mist humidifier - best humidifier for arizona

Specific Features (Click here to know more)

Ah, the space shuttle of humidifiers, the Bionaire Ultrasonic Warm Cool Mist Humidifier.


Or, as I like to call it, the Rolls Royse of humidifiers.


This baby has it all! All the bells and whistles you can expect from a humidifier, and even features you would never expect, such as the choice between cool, warm, and steam mist options.


Yeah, you can use it for many things, especially when you are down with a cold or flu!


The humidifier features a massive 7.5-liter water tank that is enough for some 45 to 48 hours of continuous use, but with half a liter per hour output!


Yup, serious amounts of mist are coming from this elegant bad boy.


The control panel is nicely organized and offers a plethora of settings, but if you ask me, the auto-mode is the best.


All you have to do is set the desired humidity level, and let it take care of everything.


When you take everything into consideration, it's quiet, powerful, reliable, and stylish! What more can you look for in a humidifier?

Final Thoughts

Well, this is pretty much all I had to say about the best humidifier for Arizona.


One thing is sure, if you live in Arizona, you know how hot and dry it gets.


Therefore, you also know how complicated life gets and how easily the heat exhaustion can occur and mess up your day.


For when you are outside, all I can say as an advice is to avoid the direct sun exposure as much as you can and drink plenty of water.


However, the things can be much better and you can enjoy the summer and cool, properly humidified air in your home with a humidifier.


But, not any humidifier will do the job properly.


Now you know what to pay attention before actually buying a humidifier and making the right choice will be much easier.


You have 4 top choices and buying any of the ones I recommended here is definitely the best humidifier for Arizona.



They all have large water tanks, a strong mist output, and they are all reliable and will be there when you need them.


The ultimate choice is on you!


Thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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