6 Best Floor Standing Humidifiers That Actually Don’t Make A Mess!

There are quite a few considerations you need before getting a floor humidifier, especially if your floor is made of wood or carpeted.

Usually, humidifiers need to be elevated a few inches off the ground to protect your flooring. However, there are models that are uniquely designed to be placed on the floor eliminating such problems.

With handle or wheels, no white dust, and children and pet-safe; these are the qualities of the best floor standing humidifier. If you are looking for one, I have 6 brands below. Check out which among these favors your needs!

Objecto H9 Tower Hybrid Humidifier

Objecto H9 Tower Hybrid Humidifier


  • 9 x 9 24 inches
  • Cool Mist Humidifier
  • 0.7 gallon water tank capacity
  • 22hours on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • Easy Touch Button/Remote Control Operation
  • Hybrid Technology
  • 4-mist output levels (Super low, Low, Medium, High)
  • Programmable Timer
  • Quiet Performance
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Refill and Mist Setting Indicator Lights
  • Essential Oil Tray

Stylish and functional. That’s what the Objecto H9 Tower Hybrid Humidifier is all about. Keeping your home fresh and comfortable without compromising your home’s overall value.

Its floor-standing feature makes it ideal for large spaces of up to 800 sqft such as the living and dining rooms. In fact, the H9 model is packed with remote control for convenient operation as far as 17ft, plus it does have its own storage space, secretly tucked at the back of the device when not in use.

Appearance-wise, this model goes along with almost any interior designs, it stands at least 3ft tall and is available in two colors, black and white, in a chic shape.

The tower acts as the mist output and overall cover. You can see the 0.7 gallon water tank sitting in the middle of the unit, where it can be easily removed and refilled. There’s a separate compartment for your essential oils too, so you don’t have to mix it directly in the water.

Using Hybrid Technology, this unit has 4 fine mist options: Super low, Low, Medium, and High, depending on your humidification needs. You can enjoy comfortable indoors for up to 22 hours on a super-low mist output setting.

When it comes to maintenance, this unit does not require a filter, however, you need to use distilled or purified water to avoid white dust. And speaking of white dust, these particles can greatly harm your floor and furniture surrounding the unit.

If you do have hard water at home, you can use a demineralization cartridge to avoid build-ups and white dust. Overall, I find this floor humidifier high-grade both in design and humidification.

However, it would be better if this model has a handle or caster wheels for smooth transport. And although the bottom design is standing securely flat on the surface, it does not have an anti-tilt feature, it is still best to ensure pets and kids away from the device.

Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier

Stadler Form Eva Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • 7.7 x 7.7 x 16 inches
  • Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • 3.48 gallons of moisture output per day
  • 1.7-gallon water tank capacity
  • 30 hours runtime on low-mist setting

Specific Features:

  • External Humidity Sensor
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic Humidification
  • Adaptive Humidity Technology
  • Aroma Diffusion cartridge
  • Dimmable LED
  • Ultrasonic Nebuliser Technology
  • Anti-calc Cartridge

Eva is a reliable home partner in making sure your home is comfortable and fresh throughout the winter season. With the help of ultrasonic technology, Eva blows the mist up to 4ft and 7 inches high. Thanks to its external humidity sensor, which also acts as a remote control, it can automatically adjust the humidification process seamlessly.

Eva by Stadler Form is a powerful floor humidifier which offers both warm and cool mist ultrasonic features. At first, it emits a cool mist upon turning on but if you desire some warm soothing mist, you can select the pre-heating setting to prepare the warm, comfortable moisture.

One of the nice qualities of this unit is the anti-calc cartridge included which greatly helps in maintaining your humidifier and prolongs its lifespan. Apart from that, it has its own Cleaning Mode button which you can use at least once a month before cleaning.

It’s got all you need in a humidifier from design to function. Eva matches any home design and is a star on its own. However, you need to keep Eva away from children and pets since it has an internal heating plate for the warm mist feature.

AIRCARE Space Saver 6-Gallon Evaporative Whole House Digital Humidifier

AIRCARE Space Saver 6-Gallon Evaporative Whole House Digital Humidifier


  • 18.5 x 13 x 22.25 inches
  • Cool Mist Evaporative
  • 8.5-gallons of Moisture Output per day
  • 6-gallons Water Tank Capacity
  • 70-hours runtime

Specific Features:

  • Large Coverage Area of up to 2,700 sqft
  • Super Wick Technology
  • Refill Indicator
  • With Caster Wheels
  • Top-fill Tank
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • 3-Fan Speed (Nighttime, Medium, High)

When it comes to upfront humidification, AIRCARE 831000 takes the job seriously. It’s cool mist evaporative function offers a digital panel, plus a 3-speed fan motor for customizable humidifying.

This speed motor does not only let you control the way you humidify your room but also the noise level. If you need to add some moisture while sleeping, you can switch to nighttime speed!

Super Wick Technology is the highest anti-microbial protection from AIRCARE that absorbs minerals and impurities. The Evaporative system makes it more compelling since it assures you that you are protected from flu, dry skin, allergies, and other discomfort brought by low-humidity.

With its large capacity, you can practically use this device anywhere in the house without having any difficulty managing it because of its digital controls. Plus, moving around is smooth with the caster wheels included.

However, maintenance should be followed thoroughly since it uses a wick filter. You need to replace the filter depending on the hardness of your water supply. I like the compact design of this unit, you can just glide and hide it at any time.

The noise level is just one thing you should highly consider, but not a big deal. You can simply use the nighttime fan speed for quiet operation. Although it’s quite heavy to tip over, I highly suggest that you avoid having your pets and kids playing around the humidifier for safety reasons. Overall, AIRCARE 831000 is an excellent floor humidifier that you can rely on.

Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier


  • 7.79 x 13.18 x 12.19 inches
  • Cool Mist Evaporative
  • 3-gallons of moisture output per day
  • 1-gallon water tank capacity
  • 24 hours runtime

Specific Features:

  • Vortex Action Airflow
  • Energy Smart Mode
  • Light Sensors
  • Simple Tank System
  • Touch Sensitive Digital Display
  • Energy Smart DC Motor

Humidifiers create a comfortable environment indoors, giving you a healthy and breathable ambiance. However, you become anxious about energy consumption it might cost.

Fortunately, the Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Humidifier focuses on balanced humidification without breaking the bank! This floor humidifier comes with Energy Smart Mode which automatically controls the humidity for as little as 1 Watt. Simply push the leaf button to activate the Energy Smart Mode.

Apart from this energy-efficient feature, it also comes with Vortex Action that quickly humidifies all the air inside. The air flows in continuous motion throughout the room, ensuring that there’s no space uncovered.

Maintaining Vornado EVDC300 is also a breeze with the Simple Tank™. It utilizes a light sensor that pulsates when there is not enough water in the tank and automatically powers off when it has used up the entire supply.

What’s more amazing about this humidifier is the top-fill tank design which makes refilling mess-free and hassle-free. When talking about appearance, you won’t get behind with Vornado EVDC300.

Its sophisticated looks make any indoor design more lively and contemporary. I would love to have this model standing in my living or dining room! If you need to move this anywhere in the house, you can use the carry handles for smoother transport.

A few considerations though with this product, it does not have a programmable timer, only a continuous operation mode, and the noise level. Wick Filter replacement is also to be considered upon using this humidifier. However, a wick replacement can be done at least once every 2 months or depending on your water hardness.

Generally, this Vornado EVDC300 is a deal when talking about efficiency and humidification.

Boneco S250 Digital 3-in-1 Steam Humidifier

Boneco S250 Digital 3-in-1 Steam Humidifier


  • 12.4 x 6.8 x 11 inches
  • Warm Mist Humidifier
  • 1.8-gallon moisture output per day
  • 0.8-gallon water tank capacity
  • 24 hours runtime

Specific Features:

  • Touch Sensitive Control Panel
  • 3-in-1 Steam Humidifier
  • Digital Display
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • Cleaning Mode Button
  • Stable foot stand

Steam is considered to be the most hygienic among the rest of the humidifier types and Boneco S250 does more than just providing warm mist humidification. It provides a powerful humidification system with intuitive functions.

Unlike other warm mist humidifiers, this unit uses steam which is skin-safe, kids and animal-safe, and of course, germicidal. It has a touch-sensitive digital display with an on-off timer.

What I like best is the compact design that goes along with any home interiors. No need to think about the motif, you can match it in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Maintenance-wise, this model is equipped with an antimicrobial pad and you’ll be notified when it’s time to refill the water and clean the tank.

It also has an automatic operation that lets you set the desired humidity level between 30% and 70% and it will achieve and maintain it. The bonus feature is the fragrance container to which you can add your favorite essential oil to keep the ambiance soothing and calm.

Overall, Boneco S250 is an ideal floor humidifier but for small spaces of up to 430 sqft only. I love that this device is safe for children and pets which is the most important trait of a floor humidifier. It has carry handles too. The only downturn I can see here is the pad replacement but it takes a while before you need to get a new one!

PureGuardian 100 Hour Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier

PureGuardian 100 Hour Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier


  • 8.82 x 8.74 x 21.93 inches
  • Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • 1.5-gallons moisture output
  • 1.5-gallon water tank capacity
  • 100 hours runtime

Specific Features:

  • Auto Shut-off
  • Programmable Timer
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Silver Clean ™ Protection
  • Rotating Nozzle
  • 3-Speed Mist Control

The cold weather brings a lot of respiratory infections especially nowadays that germs and viruses are lurking everywhere. There is nothing more assuring than making sure that your loved ones are safe and healthy at all times.

One of the best ways to eliminate dry air symptoms is to turn on your humidifier. And not just any humidifier, PureGuardian 100-hour Ultrasonic Tower Humidifier is the most fitting appliance.

This unit is powered by a 1.5-gallon water tank that can produce the same amount of moisture output in a day. It generates a steady stream of cool mist that fights off allergies, flu, and dry skin.

Operating this tower humidifier is smooth with the touch-sensitive display panel. You can easily customize your desired humidity setup. There are 3 speed levels to choose from; low, medium, and high. And since it’s ultrasonic, you are assured that you can sleep in with the humidifier on all night!

The tower design makes cleaning convenient, you can simply lift the tank from the base and refill it normally or you can refill the unit without removing the tank. You can add water from the top or on the sides by utilizing the lid at the back of the water tank.

There’s a cleaning brush included too so you don’t have to scratch the tank and wound it. If your main concern is your water supply, the PureGuardian 100-hour Tower humidifier has a robust Silver Clean ™ that minimizes mineral build-ups.

When talking about design, this unit is ahead of its game with the tower appearance. It seems intimidating yet the features are super convenient. It does not have caster wheels included but it has sturdy feet to ensure that it won’t tip over.

I find this unit tough in combatting low moisture and stylish in design.

Which One Would I Choose If I Were You?

We all have different humidification needs and it’s always best to run a stand-alone hygrometer to check your indoor humidity levels so you can choose the finest model for you. All these six brands are stunning yet I love the features of Boneco S250 3-in-1 Humidifier.

My qualifications include compact design, pet, and children safe, no white-dust, and of course, easy to maintain. All these so far are the qualities of Boneco S250. The best part of this model is that it uses steam humidification which is proven to be hygienic and produces a healthier air quality.

Another notable benefit of steam humidification is the protection it gives to its surrounding furniture and appliances.


Floor standing humidifiers double as decoration or accents while making sure that your home gets enough moisture. I hope I was able to help you shortlist six of the best floor standing humidifiers with all their attributes.

Carefully choose which one fits your needs!