7 Best Dehumidifiers For Kitchen That Can Eliminate Any Potential Food Mould!

Having the best dehumidifier for your kitchen effectively removes excess moisture that can trigger the growth of mold and bacteria.

Managing humidity at home is part of the maintenance that is why proper ventilation is highly considered. If you have a lot of moisture in the kitchen, an electric portable dehumidifier is ideal.

Renewable or disposable dehumidifiers are great for kitchen nooks such as under the sink, cabinets, and in other enclosed areas in the kitchen.

If you are on the search for a kitchen dehumidifier, well here are the 7 different kinds you can shortlist!

Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier (MD33)


  • 5.75 x 14.18 x 30 inches
  • 23L Water Tank Capacity/Continuous Drain
  • Removes 15L of moisture per day

Specific Features:

  • Sleek Front Panel
  • Space-saving design
  • 10-foot drain hose
  • Unified ETL, UL, and CSA standards
  • Automatic Restart
  • Quiet Operation at 46dB

Getting rid of excess air moisture is more challenging if you are living in condos or apartments. And, the kitchen is the best hideout for high humidity. You need a reliable dehumidifier for the kitchen to eliminate the possible accumulation of mold and mildew.

But, of course, it’s not just any dehumidifier, you need the best and suitable machine that can suck in the moisture from every corner. That is why an In-wall dehumidifier is great when it comes to your kitchen.

The Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier is the perfect machine. It’s space-saving and highly efficient, and sleek. You can simply attach this between wall studs for effective dehumidifying which is excellent for apartments, senior housing, hotels, condos, or any areas with small spaces.

Design-wise, the front cover of the unit is a smart move for the manufacturer. It blends smoothly with any interior and wall design.

Unlike a regular dehumidifier, using an in-wall machine is easier and pretty much a hands-off use. Since it is tucked in the walls, it draws the excess air is from the base and lower openings of the front panel on both sides and is then discharges it from the top and upper openings.

It has an auto-restart function that saves your previous settings after a power blackout. Mind you, this unit is very quiet at 46dB only; just like your fridge! The controls are digital so you don’t have to sweat around looking for knobs.

There is an option for you to customize the humidity levels too. But, a remote moisture sensor would be perfect if you can add it on. It’s not included but you can buy it separately. This is to keep your mind at peace that there are no leaks.

When it comes to maintenance, Ultra-Aire included a 10-foot drain hose where you can connect into any drainage or routed down the internal wall cavity to an HVAC AHU drain port. Depending on your installation area, you can use gravity to pull the water out or you can add an external condensate pump.

Overall, I recommend this dehumidifier to those who have a small kitchen or any tiny space. Since this unit is built in-walls, you may not be able to transport it elsewhere apart from the kitchen.

LONOVE Dehumidifier


  • 7.09 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches
  • 2L Water Tank Capacity/Continuous Drain
  • Removes 750ml of moisture in a day

Specific Features:

  • Multicolor Indicator Lights
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Automatic Dehumidification
  • Super Quiet Operation at 35 dB
  • One-button Control
  • With 5ft drain hose Included
  • Water Level Controller

Your kitchen is usually the most underrated part of the house. But, it is where most ideas and relationships are built, so why not protect it from the rage of high humidity!

LONOVE Dehumidifier is an intelligent dehumidification machine that helps you keep and maintain a fresh and cozy kitchen all day long. Ideal for areas of up to 450 sqft, this robust dehumidifier can make you feel comfortable by eliminating excess moisture and bad odors caused by mold and mildew.

Simply install this unit in the kitchen and let the automatic dehumidification system work for you. Or, you can alternatively set your desired humidity levels at any time.

It has indicator lights to let you know that the machine is working efficiently. The Green Light means the unit is working, the Yellow light with the Green Light Flashing indicates a full tank and the Blue Light means Night Mode is on.

There are two kinds of working modes for this dehumidifier. You can choose from the Day Mode or Night Mode and its smart controls will automatically adjust the settings. During the Day Mode, the machine will turn on its Strong Dehumidification function. While you can enjoy a Gentle Dehumidification when you switch on the Night Mode.

What’s great about this product is the Continuous Drain option which is a smart move for any portable dehumidifier. Although it has a 2L water tank capacity, you can drain the water conveniently by connecting the 5-foot hose to the nearest toilet or wherever you may want the water to go.

As for the maintenance, the water tank is a front-load design so removing it is easy. Cleaning the entire unit is also a breeze with its cylindrical shape. In fact. this is an almost perfect dehumidifier for your kitchen or in the bedroom, closet, and other tiny enclosed spaces.

There’s only one thing I am not deeply impressed with this unit - the LED Blue light. Yep, I know it’s for the Night Mode, but it’s kinda too bright for the night especially when your room is extremely dark. But then, the overall review of this product is highly satisfactory.

Lavender Vanilla Moisture Absorber


  • 7.4 x 6.81 x 5.79 inches
  • Each bag absorbs 370ml of moisture
  • Can last for more than 20 days

Specific Features:

  • Hanging bag design
  • Made of Calcium chloride particles
  • Ideal for Kitchen, drawers, closets, and other enclosed spaces

When you are searching for a practical means of dehumidifying, The Lavender Vanilla Moisture Absorber packet is what you need. It’s an unwrap and hang type of dehumidification.


Each pack comes with an 8 bags of moisture absorber hanger. You simply hang it anywhere in the kitchen or where moist is lurking the most. No complicated controls to learn about.


The white crystals will suck in the excess moisture and later on become water. Which by the way, has an included water storage and gives off a relaxing lavender vanilla scent.

It usually lasts for up to 20 days or more, depending on the load of humidity you have at home. I love putting these inside my kitchen cabinets, pantry, wardrobe, and closets. It’s perfect for areas where a portable electric dehumidifier cannot reach.


Since this packet dehumidifier is very straightforward, however, they are not renewable. You need to get a new one once the first bag has been depleted.


Overall, I like its convenience and efficiency.

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier


  • 7 x 6 x 11 inches
  • 0.53L Water Tank Capacity
  • Absorbs 0.26L of moisture per day

Specific Features:

  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Built-in Thermo Electric Cooling Technology (Peltier)
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • LED Indicator lights

Small areas like the kitchen do not need a big-sized dehumidifier. Having a portable and compact dehumidifier can effectively solve moisture problems. The Pro Breeze 1200 Cubic Feet Mini Dehumidifier eradicates excess moisture of 0.26L a day with its 0.53L water tank capacity.

The curved design paves the way for the air vents on top while the water tank is easily removed on the front. It automatically shuts off when the water tank is full to ensure safety and the indicator light turns on right away.

This unit has pretty basic features but it integrates Thermo Electric Cooling Technology (known as Peltier) which means, it can operate in a very quiet mode because it does not have a compressor.

I suggest you use this Pro Breeze dehumidifier if your kitchen is within 150 sqft in size to optimize its functions.

Maintenance-wise, this machine is easy to clean and keep. A weekly routine will eliminate possible limescale in the water tank.

Apart from the small capacity of this unit, I notice that it cannot work best in temperatures lower than 41°F. The most ideal temperature for this dehumidifier is within 59-86°F.

Overall, I find this a ‘go-to’ unit especially for those people who are always busy and are looking for a plug-and-play dehumidifier. Just make sure that your place is within the working conditions of this dehumidifier or else, it won’t make much difference.

Honati Home Dehumidifier


  • 8.98 x 5.9 x 14.65 inches
  • 2L Water tank capacity
  • Removes 750ml of moisture per day

Specific Features:

  • One-button operation
  • Full tank LED indicator
  • Ultra Quiet at 39dB
  • Lightweight and Compact design

If you need a compact and lightweight dehumidifier for your kitchen, then this Honati Home Dehumidifier is perfect for you. The design is ultra-modern which matches any contemporary interiors and has easy-to-use controls.

In fact, it only has an On and Off button! Plus it has indicator lights when the water tank is full and a bright LED during nighttime.

What’s cool about this dehumidifier is the mold-proof water tank design and odor elimination feature. Surely, your kitchen won’t smell damp anymore.

This dehumidifier can absorb 750ml of moisture in 24 hours and has a two-liter water tank capacity. Cleaning this unit is as easy as how it operates, you simply turn off and unplug the machine and remove the water tank and wash it nicely with soap and water.

Since this unit is portable, you can move it anywhere in the house where the moisture is seeping in. Like most dehumidifiers, this unit stands out for its ultra-quiet operation at 39dB, you can barely hear it running!

However, I am not a fan of bright LED lights. They’re too bright at night and as of this writing, I haven’t figured out how to turn it off, or perhaps it does not power off at all.

But of course, in terms of dehumidification, Honati Dehumidifier is an excellent choice for the kitchen!

Danby 50-Pint Dehumidifier


  • 11.81 x 16.14 x 24.25 inches
  • 6L Water Tank Capacity/Continuous Drain
  • Removes 23L of Moisture per day

Specific Features:

  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
  • Smart Humidity Customization
  • Multiple Fan Speeds
  • Washable Air Filter
  • Automatic Restart
  • Low-temperature Operation at 41°F
  • Auto Defrost
  • Full Bucket Indicator

Humidity is quite different when you have an open space or has a bigger kitchen. It’s even more challenging to detect and remove air moisture when you have a wider area. Fortunately, there are dehumidifiers built for bigger spaces such as the Danby DDR050BJWDB.

It covers areas of up to 1,200 sqft and removes 23 liters of excess moisture in a day. If your kitchen has too much moisture then you can opt to use the continuous drain where you can connect to a hose and expel the water to the toilet, sink, or nearby garden. There is a manual drain too but can only hold up to 6L of water.

There’s an upgrade on this unit that I find really helpful- the programmable timer. Danby DDR050BJWDB supports a 24-hour timer with a full option to set start and stop times. This is a breakthrough since most of the dehumidifiers with programmable timers only shut off the machine after a certain amount of time.

Now apart from the timer, you can also choose to operate on Smart Mode where the unit itself identifies the relative humidity of the indoor environment and sets the controls automatically. If you don’t like to use this setting, then you can choose to set or customize your own humidity levels.

I prefer setting my own since there is quite a buffer when it comes to relative humidity readings on the device and on your humidistat. It’s up to you which one works best for your home!

The Danby DDR050BJWDB also works at low temperatures at 41 degrees F and has an automatic defrost feature in case the machine is left operating in the cold. The machine will stop dehumidifying and will work on melting the ice or frost build-up first to ensure that the compressor and other internal parts will run smoothly.

As for the maintenance, I love the washable air filter. It saves you a lot of money from purchasing costly filters every two weeks. There’s an indicator light that will let you know when it’s time to clean the filter too.

Moving around is not an issue at all; thanks to the 4 caster wheels attached at the bottom of the unit. You can glide the dehumidifier from one room to another in case you got serious humidity problems.

This unit is highly recommended for houses with big kitchens or family homes. However, it could have been greater if they included a drain hose for the continuous drain option. If you are looking into this review, you should consider buying an external hose or a universal garden hose that will work just fine.

Overall an excellent dehumidifier that leaves your home fresh, clean, and free from excess air moisture.

Gocheer Dehumidifier


  • 15.31 x 10.51 x 7.17 inches
  • 2L Water Tank Capacity
  • Absorbs 1L of moisture per day

Specific Features:

  • Ultra-quiet at 40dB
  • Auto-off
  • One-button Start
  • Semi-conductor Condensate Technology
  • 360 degrees airflow

Sleek and upgraded. That’s what Gocheer Dehumidifier is all about. It has a chic and modern design with a seamless front-loaded tank. This dehumidifier promises a healthy environment especially in the kitchen where the damp is mostly found.

You can remove as much as a liter of moisture in a day given that you got extreme high humidity issues. The water tank can hold 2 liters of water which you can drain once the indicator lights for the Full Tank turn on.

It also automatically shuts off when the tank is full or when it has reached its maximum capacity. According to its manufacturer, one of the upgrades they did to this specific model is the energy consumption at 48W which is lesser compared to the other brands of the same level.

They are utilizing a semiconductor condensation technology that focuses on water extraction and consumes lesser energy.
I must say that this dehumidifier is above average when it comes to pulling excess moisture. There are no complications when it comes to maintenance too. Washing the tank and wiping the entire body is super easy.

Quite small in size yet highly effective. However, you should consider the bright light this machine gives off. Other than that, the noise level is tolerable, like your airconditioning unit.

So, What’s the Best Dehumidifier for Kitchen?

It’s quite difficult for me to choose the best dehumidifier for the kitchen. There are varying factors and conditions that you have to immensely consider, not just picking up a dehumidifier.

However, when it comes to convenience, efficiency, price, and features, I find the LONOVE Dehumidifier astounding. In fact, I am quite impressed with this machine. I was actually expecting an average-type of dehumidifier but boy, it exceeded my criteria.

You have two choices when it comes to dehumidification, automatic and manual modes. There’s a built-in humidistat that monitors the indoor RH levels and adjusts the dehumidification automatically. Or, you can customize your own RH levels based on your desired settings.

There are also two operation modes to choose from, the Day and Night modes. Well, honestly you don’t need the Night mode at all, because this dehumidifier is whisper-quiet that you can easily sleep while this machine is working.

What separates this model from the rest is the continuous drain option for a portable dehumidifier. Although its got a large water tank capacity, still, LONOVE added a drain hose port so you can attach it to your sink or the toilet when you don’t have enough time to empty the water tank.

This product is also the quietest of all the dehumidifiers listed above at 35dB. Truly the Pros exceeded the Cons!

Waging a war against humidity means you got the right armory. Installing a dehumidifier for the kitchen can greatly eliminate the damp which causes bad odor, mold, and bacteria accumulation.

There are seven different dehumidifiers listed above for various kitchen scenarios which I hope help you decide which one to get. Each dehumidifier has its own set of strengths and weaknesses and depending on where you actually use them.

Remember, a less humid kitchen keeps your food such as bread and cereals fresh longer without getting spoiled quickly.

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