6 Best Dehumidifiers For Flood Damage That Dries Out Even The Most Stubborn Water Stains!

If you are from New York, Tampa, and Sugarland TX, you probably know your denominator. Flood. Your home is not an exemption in case there is a massive storm surge.

Flood damage is upsetting and costly. To best protect your home from possible flood damages, invest in heavy-duty dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers play a crucial role in restoring your home after flood damage. They can quickly remove floodwater and dry out flooring, walls, and even restrict harmful mold growth.

Home dehumidifiers do not work sufficiently with drying out stuff soaked in water; you need a one that is ideal for extracting water efficiently. Find out what is the best dehumidifier for flood damage in this new post.

6 Best Dehumidifiers for Flood Damage

Most dehumidifiers ideal for water extraction feature internal condensate pumps for stress-free water removal and are portable so you can transport the unit anywhere in the house.

As you go along searching for the best brand and model, you discover more features that may be desirable for the job.

I researched a few units that I think can perform excellently during these unexpected moments.

Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Low-Temperature Refrigerant Dehumidifier


Cleaning house flood is such a tedious job. It gets worse when you realize that most essential parts got soaked in the water.

To alleviate the stress caused by flood damage, use Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier. This model is a powerful dehumidifier that can efficiently get rid of annoying flood water.

It is a heavy-duty unit that can remove 15 gallons of excess moisture from your house every day with the help of its built-in condensate pump. The DrizAir 1200 goes into defrost mode every six minutes to give ample time for the water collected to get drained.

This specific model has two drain options, bucket, and continuous mode; it features a 40 ft. hose so you can operate freely through the house. In terms of mobility and design, DrizAir 1200 has sturdy and puncture-proof wheels so it can cruise along in the house without the fear of getting damaged.

Its body is rotomolded polyethylene for sturdy construction and longer lifespan. What I like most about this model are its straightforward moisture removal and smooth maneuver.

The device control panel is easy to use perhaps, too simple to manage. I find it a bit heavy, which is, by the way, expected since it weighs 80 lbs. There’s no humidistat included in the unit, so you better need to have an external readily available.

Overall, the DrizAir 1200 is a perfect companion in terms of removing water and controlling flood damage.

Phoenix 250 MAX LGR High Capacity Commercial Dehumidifier

phoenix 250

Unlike conventional residential dehumidifiers that condense the water vapor by passing through the refrigerated coils and heat pipes to prevent it from freezing, LGR units are the most ideal when it comes to flood damage restoration solutions.

The Phoenix 250 Max features a double cooling system that decreases the temperature of moisture-filled indoor air, which leads to more condensation in the coils inside and, in turn, drives more moisture out of the machine and less moisture released in the air.

This particular model is the latest in Phoenix lineage technology that changed the restoration industry. It boasts of its rugged, stainless steel look and no beating-around-the-bush features.

It has electromechanical controls for a quick and easy startup, and also a digital hour meter to keep track of its operating times. You can remove condensate water quickly by pressing the purge control button to release it manually from the tank.

Now, apart from the upfront features, its best add-on is the pleated air filters that can sift fine particles even as small as 3 microns. How cool is that?

I find this dehumidifier rigid and efficient when it comes to restoring your home after flood damage. However, you might need to change the filters regularly to ensure that your unit works at its optimum.

Ebac CD60 Dehumidifier


The Ebac CD60 is impressively versatile. It can perform excellently in residential areas, commercial spaces, and even industrial places.

Its rugged epoxy powder-coated steel structure is ideal for extreme environments and low-temperature conditions. Imagine exhausting 56 pints of moisture in a day or 360 cubic feet of air per minute; how efficient is that?

This dehumidifier is pretty straightforward when it comes to its function, but it has a quiet operation feature, which I am surprised actually for such a big unit! Apart from that, it has an adjustable humidistat to let you control the level of dryness in a given room.

If you are having a challenging time restoring stuff at home after a flood, well, this unit won’t fail you. The downside so far is the space coverage, Ebac CD60 can only cover up to 1,500 sqft.

I also found helpful reviews about using an external humidistat to have better control over the process and conditions even from afar.

B-Air Vantage LGR 2200 Dehumidifier

B-Air Vantage

When it comes to superior moisture removal, you need a dehumidifier that can compete with the demand. The B-Air Vantage LGR 2200 is a no-fuss dehumidifier that can remove up to 25 gallons of water from super-soaked homes caused by flooding or an extremely wet environment.

This beast has a robust rotomolded polyethylene housing to protect the machine from possible wear and tear. Maneuvering inside the location is a breeze with its recessed rubber wheels perfectly aligned and rolled with precision.

The front grille helps guard off any debris and dirt that may come inside the unit. It has an electronic control panel so you can simply plug and play while doing more important things at the same time.

With just a push of a button, you can switch into working mode, purge mode, and even track your overall usage.

Because it’s LGR or low grain refrigerant, you can expect that this device can work great even in low temperatures (32℉ is the lowest recorded) in a snap.

Good thing this beast has rubber wheels for easy transport; otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out in carrying this 100lbs machine!

Nothing much to note on the negative side, well, like most large dehumidifiers, you might need to get an external humidistat for accuracy.

XPOWER XD-125 Commercial Dehumidifier


Cleaning up water damage, especially the one caused by a flood, is so stressful. You need a robust dehumidifier to restore your home, and this is where XPOWER XD-125 comes into the picture.

It has an automatic internal pump that removes 76 pints of water moisture in a day, even at 15 feet away from either horizontally or vertically; thanks to its 20 ft hose included.

This XPOWER XD-125 dehumidifier has a simple operation control to maximize performance. You don’t have to spend much time learning how to use this machine. Its easy-to-read touch controls make it smoother and no-fuss operation.

The way you can control and set the humidity level is pretty impressive because it can achieve a humidity range of 26% - 90%. I like the way this machine works; it lets you know when it is dehumidifying, defrosting, and purging water through the built-in indicator lights.

Flood damage restoration is now made easier with powerful dehumidifiers such as the XPOWER XD-125. However, upon purchasing this unit, you need to consider a 20-amp circuit and 110/120 volt terminal.

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution LGR Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers for flood damage restoration don’t have to be bulky. Compact and power are both qualities you see in the Dri-Eaz Revolution F413 Dehumidifier. This beast has the signature rugged rotomolded polyethylene look added with a low-grain refrigerant feature that works on temperatures as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can choose to run the unit continuously for quicker drying and select the desired humidity level through its automatic humidistat feature.

Operating it is also a breeze with its digital control panel. It has an upfront setting, so you don’t have to waste much time figuring how to use the device.

I like the high airflow filter quality since the flood environment can feel soggy. This replaceable filter hinders any harmful particles from going through the grills. Manual says you can clean it with a vacuum at least thrice before you need a new one, so pretty much convenient in maintenance.

Its compact design is ideal for transporting and stacking. Many invest in this kind of dehumidifier because you can easily tag this along. The entire body kit highlights easy assembly and disassembly.

This Dri-Eaz Revolution F413 does not have an auto shut-off feature which means, you need to be attentive while the dehumidification process is ongoing. And because it’s half the size of a regular LGR dehumidifier, this particular model does not have any caster wheels attached. There are handles for carrying only.

However, these few features not present do not have a significant impact on the way the dehumidifier works. I still love the way this brand has compressed the essential functions needed to control floodwater damage.

So Which One Is The Best?

The extent of flood damage differs in every house, but one thing is apparent during this time, indoor air matters. We got to move quickly and efficiently to get rid of floodwater and clean up the damage.

Indoor air quality and flood cleanup are relevant at this point. Dealing with a flood is easier when you are well-prepared, and you got the right devices with you. One of the best investments during this disaster is a dehumidifier.

Having one will prevent expensive water damage and keep you protected from possible health hazards. You can either purchase or rent out a dehumidifier in any case your home is afflicted with a flood.

Overall, these six dehumidifiers I have listed are all good in their ways. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. All of them are ideal in the water restoration process.

I cannot particularly choose one model to recommend because you see, the scenarios are different during a flood. However, if you talk about features, I am torn between Dri-Eaz Revolution F413 and Ebac CD60.

The way the Dri-Eaz Revolution F413 offers a low grain refrigerant function is helpful in terms of drying out water-soaked things at home. It also features a compact design that makes portability comfortable.

At the same time, the “Hot Gas” cycle of the Ebac CD60 is hugely impressive since it can quickly reverse the frosting or the freezing of the coils.

I will leave the choice up to you. I simply shortlisted the six best brands and models that I think can keep up with the demand and save you time in research.