6 Best Dehumidifiers For Flood Damage That Dries Out Even The Most Stubborn Water Stains!

best dehumidifier for flood damage

If you are from New York, Tampa, and Sugarland TX, you probably know your denominator. Flood. Your home is not an exemption in case there is a massive storm surge.Flood damage is upsetting and costly. To best protect your home from possible flood damages, invest in heavy-duty dehumidifiers.Dehumidifiers play a crucial role in restoring your … Read more

Best Way To Install Whole House Dehumidifier (HVAC Technicians Use These Methods!)

Best Way to Install a Whole house Dehumidifier

Tired of that nasty sticky feeling every time you enter the house? Guess, it’s time to get that whole-house dehumidifier rolling.Maintaining a comfortable home throughout the year should not be complicated. Installing a whole-house dehumidifier can protect your home from the effects of high humidity such as mold build-ups, allergies, and more.The best way to … Read more

How To Recharge A Dehumidifier Quickly And Safely

How to Recharge a Dehumidifier

Not all dehumidifiers need recharging; only those devices that are used as coolants or refrigerants. These types of dehumidifiers produce cold, dry air, apart from dehumidifying.Usually, older dehumidifiers use refrigerants and back in the day, you can buy a recharging kit and perform the refill. Today, you need to consult a well-qualified HVAC company if … Read more

How To Use Dehumidifier Effectively Without Spoiling It!

how to use dehumidifier effectively

Reading the unit’s manual should be your first step in making sure that you are using the dehumidifier effectively. I know most of you are very much familiar with how this device works, especially to those living in high humid cities like Houston or Jacksonville.However, not all dehumidifiers are the same, moreover, not all humidity … Read more

6 Best Dehumidifiers For Attic (That Dries Out Even The Most Wettest Attic!)

Best dehumidifier for attic

Is your attic an active part of the house or just storage? Regardless of how you are utilizing this space, surely, you want it to be free from mold and mildew caused by high humidity. To alleviate high humidity, you need to have the best dehumidifier for an attic that can prevent the excess moisture … Read more

Are Dehumidifiers Safe To Leave On? (All Senarios Covered In Detail ! )

Dehumidifiers are safe to leave on unattended as long as with caution. Investing in dehumidifiers that have an automatic shut-off feature is safe to leave on at certain conditions.You could practically just leave the appliance running 24/7, and just get back to it when the tank is full or best if you own a unit … Read more

Is it Worth Repairing a Dehumidifier?

It’s the dehumidifier season already and I bet you are making things ready at home to make it comfortable throughout spring and summertime.Any unexpected issues with such appliances can cause inconvenience and can have considerable negative effects. However, you are left with two options either to repair it or totally replace it.Knowing when to replace … Read more

When To Run Dehumidifier In Basement? Check Out These 6 Alarming Signs!

run a dehumidifier in basement

If you are from Illinois or other states with high humidity then you probably know the drill this spring. And that is to plug in the dehumidifier, but, when is the best time to run your dehumidifier, especially in the basement?When the humidity level in the basement reaches 80% or more, it’s best to plug … Read more

9 Practical Tips On How to Clean White Dust From Your Humidifier!

Cleaning white dust stains from a humidifier are possibly done by soaking the parts in a decalcifier solution, bleach, or white vinegar. You can also avoid the accumulation by adding demineralization cartridges or tablets or better yet use distilled water to avoid white dust in the future.If your concern is the surrounding white dust on … Read more

8 Best Wickless Humidifiers That Are Actually Convenient For You And Your Pet Companion!

what is a wickless humidifier

Are you always on the go that you barely have time to get your hands on your humidifier? If yes, then you probably need a humidifier that can compete with your daily hustles. Wickless humidifiers are the best fit for everyone including busy professionals, families, babies, grow rooms and pets!I thought maybe you need an … Read more