Dehumidifier vs Tumble Dryer : Save Yourself From Endless Nightmare Of Laundry!

Dehumidifier vs Tumble dryer

Have you ever wondered what makes a dehumidifier and a tumble dryer similar? A lot of comparison between dehumidifier vs tumble dryer is out, but which one is actually better and why?  When it comes to function and feature, a dehumidifier is better than a tumble dryer because it does not just help in drying clothes … Read more

Is Dehumidifier Water Clean? (It’s Not A Simple Answer…)

Yes. The water from the dehumidifier is actually clean water even comparable to distilled water, provided that your unit is clean and the tank was emptied beforehand. When we say clean, we are talking about both the internal and external parts of the device.  Otherwise, the water collected by the dehumidifier that sits in the tank … Read more

Can A Dehumidifier Dehydrate You? Fact Or Fiction?

can dehumidifier dehydrate you

Dehydration removes water and other fluids in the body and stretches our organs to work more causing us to feel weak both physically and mentally. It can be due to not drinking enough fluid and staying too long under severe heat.  Being aware of the temperature including heat index and humidity levels will help you avoid … Read more

Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Working? How To Fix Your Dehumidifier Easily!

why my dehumidifier is not working

Dehumidifiers keep the house free from molds, mushy odors, and excess humidity and make us feel more comfortable.  In fact, dehumidifiers are among the few home appliances that do not require much maintenance. However, proper care and cleaning must be done in order to prolong its life.  If you are experiencing issues with your dehumidifiers, it could … Read more

How To Use a Dehumidifier To Dry a Room (In Different Types Of Rooms!)

where to place the dehumidifier when drying

Drying a room takes a day or two to completely allow dampness, liquid, and moisture to evaporate. And, of course, to kill bacteria and molds too.  However, using a dehumidifier to dry a room delivers faster results because of its significant contribution and advantages. It works by absorbing all excess air moisture until the humidity level … Read more

Best Dehumidifier For Florida – Recommended By Floridan Meteorologist!

humidifier for Florida

Clear blue skies, long sandy beaches, and hot weather; these are the best picture to imagine and describe when you say Florida.  Florida is popularly called “The Sunshine State” because of its surrounding beaches and tourist destinations. However, it’s also famous for being the most humid state in the US.  Most homeowners invest in keeping the air … Read more